Litter-Robot III Open Air - Blue Blinking Light

The following troubleshooting should resolve the blue light blinking while the waste drawer is empty. Once resolved, the unit should consistently recognize when your cat visits and cycle accordingly.

To troubleshoot the blue blinking, let’s start by power cycling your unit:
1.) Leave your unit powered ON with the blue blinking light engaged & Unplug your power supply from the base
2.) Wait 10 seconds then plug the unit back in
3.) Allow the unit to complete a start‐up cycle. If the light is solid blue, the code has been successfully cleared. If the light is still blinking, let’s proceed with troubleshooting. Let’s empty the drawer if it has waste and reinstall the bag before proceeding.
Note: If you are using a dark colored bag, always tuck it into the tabs.

Let’s check your DFI Lenses for any obstructions:

  1. Turn off the unit and Unplug the power from the base
  2. Remove the Bonnet and the Globe
  3. Inspect the top of the Base where the Globe usually rests. Are there any debris? Small amounts of litter is normal. Clean as needed.
  4. Inside the waste opening there are two clear ““Lenses”” (left and right side). Ensure there are no debris on the Lenses. Sometimes litter can fall/splash onto them.
    ** To clean the lenses, we recommend wiping them off with a soft damp cloth and/or glass cleaner. Do not directly spray the Base or DFI Lenses. **
  5. Replace the Globe and Bonnet. Reset the black key in the back of the unit into the pocket. 6. Plug the unit back in. If you turned the power off, you will need to power it on and press ““cycle””. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the unit should be at the Home position with a Solid Blue LED on.

Further Troubleshooting:

  1. If the unit continues blinking blue, remove the waste drawer and press cycle.
  2. Press reset 2x to abort the cycle and return the unit to home (it will level the litter).
  3. If the unit goes to solid blue with the waste drawer removed, ensure there is nothing in the drawer blocking the lenses.
  4. If the drawer is clear, your base needs to be repaired ‐ let us know that you tried the full troubleshooting without results.

I have followed all of these steps, but the blue blinking light will not go.
The covers are clear on the DFI boards and the blinking continues whether the drawer is empty or removed.
The assembly has been cleaned out to no avail, please assist.
S/N 5003224

Have you purchased your Litter-Robot with RobotShop?
If so, please confirm your order number.

Both were from robotshop.

The original one was order 450954 and then the spare base was order 649103


Your Litter-Robot is currently out of warranty, as it has a 2-year warranty in Europe.
In this case, you would need to purchase the DFI, and replace it.
You can find the DFI here:

You can find the video to install the DFI here:

Does this apply to both? The latter order was certainly less than 1 year ago.

The base is still under warranty, but the complete Litter-Robot that you have is not covered under warranty anymore.
If you think the issue is with the base and not the whole unit, can you please give us both your serial number?
We would then have to create a private support to handle the warranty.

Spare base SN: LR3064786

Original base SN: 5003224

I’ll open an internal support thread, since this issue is covered by the warranty.

This topic was transferred to internal RobotShop Support.