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Title Views Likes Comments Series
LOTP Robot Dog V2: Modular Autonomous Quadruped Robot Project (Open Source)
Modified on 30/01/2023 by LimenitisReducta
86 Views 5 Likes 4 Comments Series: LOTP
Atomic Spider: A very large walking Black Widow
Modified on 29/12/2022 by tacotijsma
906 Views 7 Likes 9 Comments No series
Rosbot Plus - An intuitive testbed for autonomous navigation and exploration
Modified on 23/12/2022 by wayneliu
96 Views 1 Likes 0 Comments Series: Rosbot
Stepper motor operated robot arm.
Modified on 20/12/2022 by rue_mohr
81 Views 0 Likes 5 Comments Series: robot arms
Make a servo turn more than 180 degrees - Updated with Version 2
Modified on 18/12/2022 by demej00
78 Views 1 Likes 0 Comments No series
ROS2 TurtleBot4lite "WaLI": Wall follower Looking for Intelligence
Modified on 26/11/2022 by alanmcd
141 Views 5 Likes 9 Comments Series: WaLI - Wallfollower Looking for Intelligence
Modified on 19/10/2022 by parkerbird
644 Views 2 Likes 5 Comments No series
FRED (friendly robot employed domestically)
Modified on 09/09/2022 by ortevol
497 Views 3 Likes 4 Comments No series
Modified on 06/09/2022 by alfonsocal
1248 Views 15 Likes 26 Comments No series
Inchworm-inspired robot
Modified on 26/08/2022 by dickel
388 Views 9 Likes 9 Comments No series
Multi-agent Rosbot System
Modified on 29/07/2022 by wayneliu
332 Views 2 Likes 1 Comments Series: Multi-agent and Swarm Robotics
Piddle-paddle Machine - updated with 3rd video
Modified on 18/07/2022 by demej00
4866 Views 1 Likes 3 Comments No series
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