Introducing the Robot & Tutorial of the Month Contest

Are you passionate about robotics? What if you could get rewarded for sharing your knowledge or projects with others? Well, here is your chance! With our new "Robot of the Month and Tutorial of the Month" contest, which takes place every month, share your knowledge or showcase your robotic projects and get the chance to win!

How To Participate

Share a robotic project in the Robots section or a tutorial in the Tutorials section on the RobotShop Community website! Robot enthusiasts and builders will have the chance to see your project, and at the end of the month, members will vote for their favorite.

The tutorial and robot posts with the most votes will win the contest! Their creators will each receive a prize: a $100 gift card on RobotShop! It's as simple as that! A minimum of two posts per category (robot or tutorial) is required in order to have a vote and a winner. 

"Tutorial" vs "Robot" Post

What is a Tutorial?

A "tutorial" is not about a specific project or product; it explains principles in robotics, general robotics knowledge and/or information needed in order to help the reader create their own projects. From general to specific concepts, basic or advanced notions, tutorials are intended to educate. Tutorials often include How To’s, Introduction to or even simply Tutorials, and can be as broad as getting started in robotics, how to program in a specific language or use specific types of tools, etc. 

Here are some examples you can currently find in the Tutorials section:

How to Make a Drone PID Controller How to Make a Robot
by cbenson by MarcoButtolo77 by cbenson

Browse through more than 50 tutorials to get inspired!

What is a Robot project?

A robot project post is mainly about showcasing a robotic creation, which can be anything that fits with the definition of a robot! From robotic arms to line-following robots, members share the finished project, their brainstorming and/or design process as well as the technical aspects of the build. It’s about sharing your creation, the steps involved, lessons learned and techniques!

Here are some robot projects, to get a glimpse:

4WD Security Robot

Advanced Hexapod Robot

Gizmo the Robot 

4WD Security Robot Advanced Hexapod Robot Gizmo the Robot 
by adam_s by Animabot  by peter_heim

Browse over 3000 robots to get inspired!

Contest Details

Start: The 1st of each month;

End: The last day of each month; 

Poll preparation: Last week of each month, the eligible robots are added to the Forum voting poll; 

Voting: During the first week of the following month; 

Prize: One $100 Gift Card for the Robot winner and one $100 Gift card for the Tutorial winner that can be used on the website.


  • To participate in our monthly contests, you need to share a tutorial or a robot project between 1st day and last day of the month, e.g. April's contest starts on April 1st and ends on April 30th.
  • At the end of the month, the eligible projects will be listed in a dedicated Forum poll (like in our first edition, see March's Voting poll). Members will then have the chance to vote for their favorite.
  • To be listed in the Forum Voting poll, the projects need to meet the minimal requirements for a post, include original content and have the essence of a robot or tutorial post.
  • A minimum of two robots posts, published by two different members, is required in order to have a vote and a winner in the Robot of the Month category.
  • A minimum of two tutorials posts, published by two different members, is required in order to have a vote and a winner in the Tutorial of the Month category.
  • The project with the highest amount of vote in the dedicated voting poll wins. 

For more details about the contest's rules and requirements, please read Robot & Tutorial of the Month Contest - Details, Conditions and Requirements. Quick advice: good pictures, detailed and clear explanations usually help members better understand and appreciate your work.

The winning project will be announced on the second week of the following month, on the Forum and in RobotShop’s newsletter. The winner will be contacted directly.

About the RobotShop Community

The RobotShop Community is the ultimate site where you can learn about robots/technology, see what others have built, ask questions and get to know community members.

Looking for a new robotic project? Search among our robots projects and build something new today. Want to get started in robotics? Have a look at the Tutorials series. Want broader content about the field of robotics, electronics, and technology? The blog section is here for you.

Do you have a specific question? Ask robotics enthusiasts and experts on the forums or consult our growing knowledge base!

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