Robot & Tutorial of the Month Contest - Details, Conditions and Requirements

See original post: Introducing the Robot & Tutorial of the Month Contest
In order to assure the success of the contest, RobotShop reserves itself the right to determine if robot or tutorial projects respect the minimal requirements of the contest. RobotShop also determines if the user projects are qualified to be listed on the Forum Voting poll.

If you want to know on which requirements RobotShop determines the eligibility of the projects, please refer yourself to the following information.


Start: The 1st day of each month
End: The last day of each month
Poll: Five last days of the month
Voting: First week of the following month (until the announcement of the winner)

One $100 USD Gift Card will be awarded to the member who submitted the Tutorial which receives the most votes for that month.
One $100 USD Gift card will be awarded to the member who submitted the Robot Project which receives the most votes for that month.
The gift card is valid only on the website.


To participate, you must be a member of the RobotShop Community site and publish a unique tutorial or a robot project post between the first and last day of the month. At the end of the month, eligible projects will be included in a dedicated forum poll in order to allow community members to vote on their favorite. To be eligible, the project needs to respect the content requirements and the contest rules.

There must be a minimum of two eligible posts published by two different members in order to have a vote and a winner in the monthly contests (both categories of the contest, Tutorial and Robot, are independant). That means that there should be at least two eligible tutorial posts to have a winner in the Tutorial of the Month. On the other hand, there should be at least two robot projects to have a winner in the Robot of the Month.

It is up to the contest committee to determine how much adaptation, change or customization has been done and what makes it qualified or not for the contest. It is also up to the contest committee to determine if the project respects the ‘‘spirit’’ of a project post or the ‘‘DIY’’ aspect.

After the vote, the poll will be closed. The winner will be announced on the second week of the following month, on the Forum and in RobotShop’s newsletter. The winner will be contacted directly via email using the email provided in their community profile.

Content requirements

The post needs to have a reasonable amount of content:

  • Post Title
  • Introduction presenting the project
  • Main thumbnail image
  • Information on the current development or on the complete project: steps, design process, components, etc.
  • Quality vs. Quantity? You can present your work in progress or your finished work. The voting members will judge based on what you’ve submitted.

The project needs to reflect the spirit of a robot project or a tutorial.
The following explanation is intended to help provide a better understand behind the purpose and definition of posts within these two categories:

Main purpose: Showcase
A robot project post is intended to showcase a robot project. From robotic arms to line-following robots, anything that fits with the definition of a robot, which must have a hardware element. Members share their progress, their thought process as well as the technical aspects of the build. Robot project posts are not just about sharing the final result, but also about sharing the various steps involved, lessons learned and techniques!

Main purpose: Educate
From general notions, basic or advanced concepts, to How to’s, Tutorials are intended to educate. A tutorial is not about a specific project but rather about the general knowledge and information needed in order to help members eventually create projects. They usually help people get started in robotics, learn how to program, how to use CAD software, understand basic electronic principles, etc.


Note: If a member is found to have cheated or does not follow the rules or the spirit of the contest, RobotShop reserves the right to disqualify him/her from the contest.

The same member can win both the Tutorial and Robot posts of the month

  • There are no limitation regarding if someone wins both contest segments.
  • A member can win a maximum of 3 times in a row, for either one or the other category.
  • RobotShop staff are ineligible for the gift certificate.

The “Posted On” date needs to be set to the month’s contest

  • For example, if the contest takes place between March 1st to 31st, the “Posted On” date needs to show XX/03/2019 Eastern Standard Time (GMT-10). That means that it’s only newly published projects during the current month of the contest that are eligible. Modified or updated projects published before the contests are not eligible.
  • You cannot re-post an old project that was already on the platform.

You need to be the original content creator.

  • You cannot copy someone else’s work, or slightly adapt existing work found elsewhere. Content uploaded should not be copyright (refer to the Terms & Conditions agreement for the Community).
  • In regard to a Robotic Project, an existing / commercial building kit or product cannot be the focus of the post. A robot can be a combination of parts from kits purchased, but needs to respect a certain “Do-it-yourself” (DIY) spirit".
  • If you inspire yourself, create a project based on another one or slightly adapt one, please give credit where credit is due.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask within this topic by clicking “reply”.


Will you be participating soon @ThePhilStudio?

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Soon Mariane! :slight_smile: I’m working on a robot.


and the voting for the robot of the month of January?


Hi @Rogerinhoneto,
Here is the link: Vote for the Robot of the Month: January 2020


Congrats @Rogerinhoneto; your project won :wink: