Gizmo the Robot

Posted on 11/01/2019 by peter_heim
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Gizmo is a merger of 3 robots

Bentley a smallish robot

Robbie a big Inmoov style robot

Max a navigation test robot

All 3 had design problems Bentley was too small, Robbie was too big and had trouble navigating around the house and Max was a good size but the drive train was fragile. And last of all 3 robots was just too much. Time for a rethink, so I combined the best features of all. The basic style of Bentley the size of Max and the systems and parts of Robbie.

Gizmo was designed

  • to be lifted to a workbench for maintenance
  • small enough to navigate with low resolution sensors
  • big enough to hold the components with easy access
  • 5 hour run time
  • and not look like a box with appendages

Gizmo will be built in phases

Phase 1 is basic construction  the aim is to have a working robot with all systems functional

  • drive
  • arms
  • vision
  • basic AI

Phase 1 is complete

Phase 2 is where we improve and calibrate at the end of this phase gizmo

  • will be able to navigate to any place in the house
  • pick up a recognized object and deliver it to a location (get me a beer)
  • monitor and manage systems with recovery
  • auto dock and charging

Phase 2 is under way and will be complete when Gizmo can operate for 24 hours with out assistance

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