Robot for Mapp gas welding copper pipes


When it comes to Mapp gas welding of copper pipes (soldering), it is reported in the literature that this process is suitable for automation.

So does anyone know anything more about what it takes to build such a robot ? (whether there is literature, pdf, internet sources, … )


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Hi @Aleksandari,

I’ve checkout few YouTube videos to see how does soldering of copper pipes looks like. What it reminds me of, is a welding process, which is highly automated in automotive industry for example. You can see some examples in the video in this blog post:

Now, you application would need one robotic hand to assemble/place copper pipes, and 2 more hands for carrying torch and soldering wire. If you want to make it highly professional, than I would recommend solution with industrial robotic arms. Something like here:

If you want some kind of hobby projects, there are some in our Robots section, like this one for example:

Please check it out, and if it makes sense for you, we can find you more resources.

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And besides the motor,(servo, DC, step,…) the arm assembly, the microcontroller, Motor controller, what exactly does that robot to have need, what kind of sensors, how to program it.

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Don’t really see why you’d need a complete robot as opposed to normal computer numeric controlled machinery? Are you considering many axes? Have not really dealt with industrial automation, so cannot provide much insight. Can you provide a bit of insight as to why you’re considering a multi-axis robotic arm? You are correct that they are used for welding, though (at least for now), the robotic arms are industrial (for the reach, payload and precision) and cost prohibitive for all but companies which require them.