Lynxmotion HQuad500 Drone

I’m tossing around the idea of purchasing the Lynxmotion HQuad500 Drone… does anyone who has purchased it have any input on the quality?
Did you do a Pixhawk, Quadrino or some other flight controller?
Which radio system did you choose?

I already have a Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Air, I’m just looking for something to tinker with and expand on.


Here is an article comparing 3 similar DIY Drone Kits in which they select the Lynxmotion HQuad500 Drone (Base Combo Kit + Quadrino Nano Controller) as a winner. The Kit comes with a Quadrino Nano flight controller. It doesn’t include the battery. We recommend the 11.1V, 3500mAh, 30C LiPo Battery which you can charge with this B3AC LiPo Battery Charger 18W. A lot of our customers purchase the RadioLink AT9S 2.4GHz 10CH Transmitter w/ R9DS 9CH Receiver with this drone kit.
Hope this helps.

@bdaouas thanks, but I don’t see the article for the copter, only for the flight controller.

Sorry, here is the link for the article :


Thank you very much for the information.