Upgrading Lipo on Drone

Hello all,

I have a very similar setup as described here (Lynxmotion HQuad500 Drone) except I am using a Pixhawk FC.

My current battery is also a 3S Lipo. I would like to upgrade them to 4S due to the weight of my drone ( raspberry pi and 2 antennas will be added).

Will a 4S battery work with this setup or should I upgrade motors and ESCs as well? Any recommendations?

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Hello @eltans

Yes! you can upgrade the battery to 4S.
You can see in the links below that both the motors and the ESC units can work with up to 4S LiPo battery making the voltage 14.8 v

Motor link

ESC link:



Thank you, I missed that.

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You are welcome :slight_smile: