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In this chapter of our Litter-Robot II Repair Guide, we will help you replace the motor on your Litter-Robot II.

You can find our Litter-Robot II troubleshooting guides here:

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Litter-Robot II Advanced Troubleshooting Guide

You can find our Litter

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I am not sure if the problem that I am having is the motor or the circuit board. Thegoes through the entire rotation process and right at the end, it stops and all lights start to blink. I shut it off a few seconds and it begins cycling again. It does sound as if the motor is struggling a little, but I cannot find anything that suggests the problem. Help please.

@Niki Tastet-Beckemeyer If the motor seems to turn slower than usual, it can be caused by the motor. Else, it could be caused by either the circuit board or the hall effect sensor, which is included with the sensor harness.

My Litter robot keeps running every so often and we are starting to smell what seems to be electrical. Can you help?

@Maralee Snyder Does the Litter-Robot is running by itself or when a cat is using it? We would suggest you to verify our troubleshooting guides to make sure the Litter-Robot is in working state.

Recently my Litter Robot II stopped cycling mid-cycle. Three lights blinking once per second or just the middle yellow light is on. The gear does not move at all. Do not see any obstructions and all connections seem sound. I’m pretty sure it’s a motor issue but wanted to double-check if there was any other trouble-shooting I can check in regards to the gear before ordering. Thank you in advance and thank you for such thorough guides. I love your site and plan on purchasing from you in the future.

@Tracy, 3 Flashing LED’s [Blue, Yellow, & Red]
If the Litter-Robot Open Air unit cannot find Dump and or Home position, the control panel will display 3 lights blinking in several potential patterns. The lights may flash sequentially (one after the other) from left to right, right to left, or all at the same time. If you missed one of the positions, there’s a few different reasons why this might happen. We recommend that you check the following and let us know in the contact email.

Common Causes

-Bad power connection
-Too little power to the unit via extension cable, power supply, or surge protector
-Intermittent Power Connection
-The unit might get power, but, it might cut out at random times
-Incorrect power supply
-15VDC regulated adapter 400mA to 1,000mA is Required to run the unit. We can ship you a replacement power supply if yours is defect.
-Too much weight or resistance on/in globe. Often will cause a yellow flashing/red flashing during cycle
-Missing magnet(s) in the globe. This commonly happens when disassembling the globe vertically
-A Loose Internal Shield can cause resistance during cycling and cause it to slow down. You can remove the shield to see if the unit runs fine without it, if it does, leave it out or re-install it
Watch this video to learn about how to position your internal shield
Watch this video to learn about how to remove and re-install your internal shield

Hi Josue,
Thanks for getting back to me! The unit is a Litter Robot II and not the Open Air. Are magnets in the globe of the Litter Robot II? Power supply has been checked and confirmed to be working. If the gear is immobile, and the Litter Robot II stopped mid-cycle, is there a way to manually return the gear back to home position?
Many thanks!

@Tracy Thank you for your reply. By what you are describing, it seems you are having problems with the motor on your unit. The three lights blinking once per second means it cannot find the dump position, but if the gear doesn’t move at all while it is supposed to cycle, then it means there’s a connectivity problems between the circuit board and the motor. Either the motor is defective, or the connections. We suggest you to take a look at the motor repair guide and verify if the harness is correctly connected to the motor. If so, then the motor should be defective.

Just a follow-up and note of thanks. We ordered a new motor and, once installed, all is back to working order. No more archaic scooping. :wink:
Keep us posted when a robotic model comes available that empties the LR and takes it to the trash can. :slight_smile:
Many thanks for the assistance and kind replies!

Where can I order parts/motor for my litter robot 2 bubble?

@Wahoo650 You can find parts for your Litter-Robot II on our website here.

Open up the motor. Be Careful it’s tricky. Grab some gear oil and a few drops of white lithium grease. Quiet and smooth operation again. While your at it clean the wiring harness and the cat sensor and safety as well as the Hall effect sensor. Damp towel not wet. That fixed my problems and I think I’ll get another 5 years on the motor. I’m going to grease it once a year.

Our LR II globe stopped rotating bought a new motor and installed it and still does not work. Bought new wiring kit and it still won’t work. The yellow “in use” light comes on when you take the globe off but when you place the globe back on and red light just blinks. The button to rotate the globe on the circuit board is pretty loose. Just wondering if that would cause all my problems?

The RED BLINKING light is often related to the CAT SENSOR.
If there is NO POWER. You may want to verify the ON/OFF switch. Unfortunately, we don’t sell the replacement contact Switch.
Lastly, it may also be related to the circuit board.

Hi! I just replaced my motor and cat senor (I was getting the red blinking light with no globe movement). Now that I replaced both I’m getting all 3 lights blinking. I checked the connections and they all seem good. Could it be my circuit board? Seems strange now that I changed those 2 I have a new error.

@asmith Please make sure that your connections are all okay. Verify with the pictures, make sure the wires are installed at the right connectors on both cat sensor and motor.

My litter robot 2 won’t rotate. It goes through all the lights go through all the cycles properly but it doesn’t move or make noise?

@Tyler This could be an issue with the cat sensor, the antipinch sensor or the motor itself. Take a look at the switches, making sure they do trigger correctly. You can use a voltmeter and test the continuity. If they do work, then the motor could be defective.

My litter robot’s motor is working, but the unit is not cycling/turning? Also when the motor stops the three lights are blinking one after rather other.