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Our litter robot does not seem to be able to go in reverse. We cleaned it top to bottom. It seems that the gear/motor is to weak (only when on the reversing-the-globe-back function). For example, the slightest resistance to the motor (again, only when reversing), seems to cause it to groan to a near halt and it continues turning slowly while the globe idles in place. If it’s a motor problem, how can we fix?

@Kim, replacing the motor in this case would solve this issue.

@Amber, replacing the motor would be the best thing to do from what you are describing.

Our unit was stopping mid-cycle, almost as if it was triggered by something. We were able to continue the cycle by pushing the button multiple times but it at least cycled. We checked all the sensors and were not able to fix it. After speaking to someone in Customer service we purchased a new circuit board thinking that would fix it. It did not and now we are stuck with only the yellow light on. Upon initially turning it on you can here a slight motor movement but then stays on yellow and does not continue to cycle. After a bit it will go to red blinking lights. HELP!!

@Courtney, it sounds like the motor is defective in this case and not the circuit board. If you purchased the circuit board you can contact exchanges/returns and exchange the circuit board for the motor.

My robot stopped powering on. I’ve tried using another power supply from my other working litter robot, and it still does not power on. I purchased my robot from in 2012 and it says mine is out of warranty, but here you are saying that the warranty is 5 yrs. Did I miss something? Any suggestions on how to get power going to my unit?

We offer a 5 year warranty for Litter-Robots but, only if purchased through us. In your case, the issue may be with your Jack or the Litter-Robot circuit board. You may want to test the working circuit board on the unit that does not work. We sell the jack and circuit board at the following link:

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Help! My litter robot globe does not turn anymore, and in fact will not sit properly on the base. It is like the teeth of the turning cog don’t catch in the little holes, or the turning cog itself does not hold it in position. The globe turns by itself until the “mouth” is sitting improperly to the left instead of bottom center, and then when it is supposed to turn, nothing happens. When I lift the globe off of the base while the motor is running, the cog that is supposed to turn it still turns with the motor, but it isn’t actually moving the globe. :frowning: This is a new base we purchased after our old one went bad, and it is less than a year old.

@Charity are you able to adjust the holes from the globe with the cog teeth? Maybe the motor inside the base is not positioned correctly. If you are not sure how to proceed you can contact RobotShop’s Support Center for further support.

Hi, When I rescued a cat due to I

My Litter-robot cycles many times a day even when my cat hasn’t used it. How can I get it to only cycle when she triggers it?

@ Debbie, you can make certain the cat sensor is at the factory setting. Remove the globe and waste drawer and make certain the unit is off. You will see a black cover just inside the base. Remove it. You will now be able to see a bolt that is coming out of a nut. This bolt should show 1/4 inch above the nut. If it does not, then adjust the cat sensor by turning what we call the foot/knob that is directly underneath the base until it is. This should fix the issue you are having with your litter-robot.

The arm of my litter robot is constantly in the “up” position even when the Robot is not rotation. In other words, at rest it looks exactly like the arm in the “Litter-Robot Lip Extender Installed Correctly” photo above. The cats seem to be able to work around the issue at this point, but I’m concerned that having the arm constantly blocking the opening could eventually discourage them from using the device. Is there any way to fix this problem? The arm moves freely but is stuck in the “up” position.

We have had the LR for about 6 years and thank the kitty litter gods every day. However, in the past 6 months or so, clumps of wet litter from urination stick to the sides of the globe. As a result, the clumps don’t drop into the drawer when the doors open but stay stuck. Can you please advise? Thanks!

@Joe Williams Can you verify if there’s anything stuck around the arm or the doors? Usually, when the door is stuck in this position, it means there’s something stuck between the doors and the Litter Robot, blocking the door partially.


@Michal It seems the problem you are having with your Litter Robot is caused by the Litter itself and not the Litter Robot. We suggest you to try a new Litter or change the Litter completely inside your Litter Robot. This problem is caused when the litter doesn’t have enough time to clumps before the cycle starts.


Our litter robot has served us well for a while now, but recently, it won’t complete a cycle. It will begin a cycle, then at some point in the process, it will stop and all three lights will start flashing (usually when all the litter is hidden). It had done this before, but I was always able to fix it by removing litter and then restarting it. Now, I have tried removing all the litter and it still stops mid-cycle. Help!

My litter robot doesn’t recognize one of my cats anymore. It works for my heavier cat but not the lighter one. She used it after the larger one and in mid poop it started rotating on her. Now she’s scared of it. It always recognized her before. Is the sensor off?

@Regan Does the Litter-Robot stops when it’s supposed to cycle back? If so, the problem you have can be caused by the motor. We would suggest you to verify the following : Turn your litter robot on and after 5 seconds, press the fill button 2 times. The first time, it should stops. The second time, it should turn counter-clockwise. If it’s not, then the problem you are having is caused by the motor.

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@Ashley It seems the problem is caused by the cat sensor. We would suggest you to adjust the sensitivity. The Litter Robot doesn’t detect the lighter cat because it’s not sensible enough. To do so, you can refer to the blog post or your user manual.

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Our LR worked fine and suddenly now make a turn in the wrong direction and after a complete turn (and pushing most of the litter out), all 3 lights are flashing slowly and the globe return a bit in other side. Is the circuit board suddenly deffective ?