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Hi Anna, can you please take a look and verify the step#4 and #5 of the troubleshooting guide? The problem you are experiencing can be caused by either a sensor or a motor problem.

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Our robot will start it’s cycle, then stop midway, but it’s not happening consistently. Usually when this happens when we start the cycle again we end up with litter spilling out the sides. We’ve had ours for 3+ years and this just started a couple of months ago. Help! We love our robot!

My litter robot will not turn on at all. I have tried different outlets and nothing is working

Hi Alyssa, this problem can be caused by the power jack or the circuit board. If your litter robot has been purchased with us, we suggest you to contact our support center with your order information and we will proceed to the repair of your robot.

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Hi Janet, it seems it can be a problem with a sensor, the motor or the circuit board. We suggest you to verify if the cat sensor is correctly installed and if the safety line switch clicks correctly. If so and the problem still occurs, if you have purchased your Litter-Robot with us, we suggest you to contact our support center with your order information and we will proceed to the repair of your robot.

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My litter robot will not cycle at all - when turned on, the globe twitches but doesn’t rotate and all three lights flash on and off continually.

@Lori This problem can be caused by either a sensor or a defective motor. We suggest you to verify the sensors if they are correctly in place. If so, then it’s possibly a defective motor.

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My litter robot is over-rotating. Once it gets to the part of the cycle where the waste ports open instead of pausing and then cycling back the other direction it continues turning in the counter-clockwise direction until it has almost completely returned to the home position and then it cycles back in the clockwise position to end up at the home position. I’m getting a lot of litter clumps spilling out of the right side of the unit now because the waste ports don’t stay open long enough for the clumps to fall through completely.

@Nancy It seems like you are having a problem with the circuit board. If the Litter Robot doesn’t stop at the dump position but stops at the home position, it’s likely a problem with the circuit board.

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My Litter Robot no longer cycles after my cat uses it. I am not referring to the Litter Robot’s customary delay after the cat uses the litter–I mean, the Litter Robot just sits there with the green light on but never cycles. When I manually cycle it, it does fine, although sometimes it makes a groaning noise as it cycles. Can you speculate what the problem might be? It sits on a large piece of board that my husband has leveled so that the surface it sits on is perfectly even, and our power supply is constant. Last year, I sent it back to you for a replacement motor, and up until recently, it had been working fine ever since. I never see any yellow or red lights–just the steady green light, even when it’s not cycling when it should. This problem was intermittent for a few weeks, but now it’s every time my cat uses it.

@Bonnie It seems the problem you are experiencing is caused by the cat sensor, which no longer triggers when the cat is stepping on the Litter-Robot. We suggest you to remove the black cover and verify if the switch is correctly in place. Verify is the switch triggers when you are stepping down on the Litter-Robot. If it does, then we suggest you to adjust the sensitivity, so your cat could trigger the cat sensor switch.

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Hello. I accidentally dropped the globe while cleaning it, and I seemed to pop the clear plastic window out. It’s not cracked or broken, but I can’t seem to get the little rivets back into the holes in the window. Any ideas?

@Carly The rivets cannot get back in place after they popped out. We would suggest you to replace them with bolts and nuts.

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My litter robot will not cycle. I’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in, as well as turning the power switch off and on and the yellow cycle light just comes on and stays on. The motor makes a quick sound like it is starting to cycle and then stops quickly. I saw where you said earlier to verify steps #4 and #5 in the troubleshooting guide however, when I looked at the manual online, I didn’t see steps #4 & #5. Please advise what they are. Thank you!

@Kathy The steps #4 and #5 are in this current blog post. Step #4 is to make certain the cat sensor is at the factory setting. Please remove the globe and waste drawer and make certain the unit is off. Step #5 is to make certain there is no debris on the safety line and then SNAP it a few times to make certain the switch is not stuck.

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The globe begins to turn when one of my cat gets inside to use it. She is about 9lbs pounds, but the sensor does not detect her weight. Please tell me what I can check to fix the problem. I have to shut it off manually when it happens, because my cat does not jump out while it’s rotating. I do turn off the unit each night, and turn it back on each morning. I thought that should reset the unit, but the problem continues. It doesn’t occur all the time, but often enough to make me worry that it can happen when I’m not home.

@Bri It seems there’s a problem with the cat sensor. We suggest you to remove the drawer, remove the black cover and verify if the sensor triggers when you press down on the Litter-Robot. If it’s hard to press down, then we suggest you to adjust the cat sensor sensitivity. You can do so by referring yourself to the Step 4 of this blog post.

…Solid yellow light. Checked steps 4 and 5, the sensor is at factory 2 thread setting and no debris in the safety line - it clicks. …over a period of a couple days it sounded like it was “groaning” when it would cycle… thinking the motor might be shot? I’m pretty handy, I can replace any parts myself, just need to know what to replace. I’ve checked the cat sensor for any rust/corrosion, none. I’ve

checked the power supply line, nothing there either. The motor itself I have not taken out yet… thinking that might be the culprit? Please advise! thanks

@Julian Cedono, from what you are describing we suggest that you replace your motor.

Hello, I have had my litter robot for a bit now (around 5 years). Recently It has started to sound like the motor might not be working properly. It’s much slower to rotate and has started to not rotate all the way to the point where the globe dumps. Any suggestions to fix would be a great help. Thanks.