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For those who have been enjoying the Litter-Robot automatic self cleaning litter box for a few months or a few years, you know that this is a great product that has very few issues. But, it is a robot with sensors etc. that can fail with usage. We do have tricks and things to verify for basic issues

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Litter robot doesn’t stop and reverse correctly when cycling. How does it know where the waste port is? I’m an engineer and don’t see how it works. Went through troubleshooting guide and found no issues. What next?

The Litter-Robot houses a hall effect sensor inside the base and magnets inside the globe. When the magnet in the globe reaches the sensor, the globe stops. It is possible that there is an issue with the sensor in this case. Unless you see anything wrong with the rubber inside the globe. There could also be an issue with the circuit board. You may contact our experts for more information on our forum or support center.

My litter robot seems to be turning in the wrong direction! It turns clockwise at first, causing much of the litter to spill out of the flaps. Is there some way to solve this? My issue doesn’t seem to be connected to any of the above trouble-shooting points.

It is possible in this case that your Litter-Robot circuit board is defective. We suggest that you contact us via our support center so we may troubleshoot your product. If it was purchased with us, it is most likely still under our 5 year warranty.

My litter robo is not cycling at all. Tried cleaning and everything. I think maybe the motor? The yellow light is not flashing it just stays on. Help… any suggestions?

The issue could indeed be the motor itself or that the motor is not getting proper power. There could also be an issue with the connections to the motor. We would therefore suggest to verify the connections going to the motor. They are found under a black cover in the inside of the base. If you feel comfortable, you can open up the Litter-Robot in order to verify the motor and connections with more ease.

My litter robot is cycling then stops mid way and then the red light comes on and it never cycles back to dump the litter back in and if i move it after 30 mins all my litter dumps out. I have tried resetting it but it just does the same thing over and over. I need help fixing this for what I paid for it I am becoming disappointed and ready to go back to the old fashioned litter box

There appears to be a sensor issue with your Litter-Robot in this case. We suggest that you please verify the sensitivity of the cat sensor. Please also remove the globe and pull and push on the safety line a few times to dislodge any debris. You should hear the switch inside the Litter-Robot click when you push on the safety line. Then try to have the Litter-Robot turn without the globe.

Mine will start to cycle all the way until the waste is dropped into the bin underneath. It will then reverse direction like it should but once the openings for the waste close, it stops. It will try to turn again but stops after about a second. After it tries a few times, it gets stuck and the yellow and red lights begin to flash. Most times if I unplug it and plug it back in, it will go back to normal but sometimes it won’t. Any suggestions? I’ve checked for debris on the wire but there is none.

Your issue with your Litter Robot seems to be caused by either the motor or a sensor. We suggest you to verify the safety line, by removing the globe and pulling on the safety line a few times. You should hear the sensor click. You can also verify if the waste door has some debris on it, blocking it to close correctly.

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Thank you but I’ve tried both of those with no luck. If it’s the motor, what are my options?

If it’s been purchased with us, then we suggest you to contact our support center with your invoice number and we should proceed with the repair of your Litter Robot. If not, then you can certainly purchase the Litter Robot motor on our website.

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Hi. Unit isn’t cycling when cat leaves box. Green light stays on all the time. I get it to work by unplugging and plugging back in.

Hi Carol, it seems the problem you are experiencing is caused by the cat sensor. We suggest you to take a look at the cat sensor and adjust it accordingly. You can also verify manually, by pressing on the Litter Robot and verify if the light turns from green to red.

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No power. All connections seem to be ok. It just stopped one day without any problems before.

My Litter Robot cycles and as the unit begins to cycle back, it stops and begins flashing all three lights continuously. Your website says it can’t find the home position when this happens but there is no good explanation for this that I can find. Nothing has changed recently to trigger this. i find it usually happens when I add new litter to it but it will happen randomly as well. Any suggestions on what could be causing it?

Hi Carleata, The problem can be caused by either the circuit board, the power jack or the power supply itself. We suggest you to have your power supply tested. If it is working, then we suggest you to replace the circuit board and/or the power jack. You can test the power jack by wiggling the power supply barrel when it is plugged in. If you are seeing the lights flash, then you’ll need to replace it.

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Hi Jennifer, if the Litter Robot stops just when it is supposed to cycle back, then your Litter Robot seems to have a problem with the motor. If it triggers someway along the cycle, then we suggest you to contact our support center and send us a video of your problem, it’ll be easier for us to troubleshoot.

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My litter robot will not cycle. I’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in, as well as turning the power switch off and on and the yellow cycle light just comes on and stays on. The motor makes a quick sound like it is starting to cycle and then stops quickly – almost like a short circuit sound. Help!