I got to build a robot Hand/gripper in the following 3 weeks for my project

Hello dear community,

Basically Im stuck trying to figure out how to build my project for a robot hand.
I need guidance because my supervisor doesnt understand the topic much.
deadline is coming up and Im desperate.

like how would you go about making a bachelors thesis about making a robot gripper, with 3 to 4 fingers, like what is needed ? what do I need to consider

only Idea is I have to construct a 3d CAD project, and 3D print it

Im sorry for the vague description and my bad spelling, but Im in a panicked state as Im typing this.

maybe my hero would show up here…any idea…any comment would be helpful
(except academic ones…like change subject or talk to supervisor etc.) cause thats been tried and I dont want to give up on my topic.

or ideally a group of people would jump in :stuck_out_tongue:

help me :frowning:

Hello @metalarmsMo and welcome to the RobotShop forum,

Sorry to hear you are struggling with your project, perhaps you should first try to define the scope of your project, in other words, what are you trying to accomplish? Design a robotic hand? List the parts needed? Build it and control it?

Once you have that figured out you can then start by looking for designs, the good thing is that the robotics community is quite big and people love to share their projects online so I suggest looking for keywords like DIY, Arduino, 3D print (+ robot hand / gripper). I did just that and was able to find a couple of interesting projects:

You can also take some inspiration from already existing products, like:

And you can also visit the Robots section to find projects from users in the community:

And you can also find some useful general tips to help you make a robot here:

And since you are interested in this topic perhaps you could be interested in this as well:

I hope that helps!

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Wow @geraldinebc15 thank you so much. this does help, alot!

the following is the description of my project:

The aim of this work is to design a multifunctional gripper for a robot arm and to manufacture it using FDM. The control shall be done by means of a motion capturing glove. It is designed to actuate different joints of the gripper based on finger movement to enable a more intuitive form of gripping using a robotic arm.

Sounds like an awesome project!

These projects might give you some ideas:

Good luck!