How to connect rapu ( brookshire software) and ssc32u. Usb vs rs232?

hello, does anyone know how to connect ssc32u with Rapu from brookshire (VSA)?

With the pc and VSA 9600 baud usb cable everything goes well, the problem is when connecting rapu with ssc32u. The old ssc32 connected very well with db9 and everything was great. Now with this usb input how do I connect rapu? I have tried to make a usb-db9 cable but it does not work, I have read that rapu is rs232 protocol and ssc32u is ttl. There are 3 pins in rapu that are TTL (point number 14 on the manufacturer’s page) but before trying and risking breaking something I prefer to write to you…thanks!

Hello, I am trying the same thing, connect rapu with ssc32u. I have tried to make a cable from db9 to usb but it does not work… what are the pins to connect in rapu and ssc32u? I see wue rapu has ttl port (14) it is made up of 3 pins, ±s. Where should I connect them in my ssc32u?? Thank you very much for your comments, I learn a lot with you.

RobotShop has a few old generation SSC-32 (serial, not USB) if you really want to purchase one, but you’re certain you cannot do more using an updated microcontroller than you can with the older RAPU unit?

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in rapu I store the sequences to control the servos, without using a pc. With flowbotics servo sequencer I always need pc to send the programmed data sequence. maybe i’m doing something wrong…is there any way to save the sequences in the ssc32u? or do you always need a pc with flowbotics sequencer to send the sequence?

If sequences cannot be saved in ssc32u then yes, I would like to know where I can buy ssc32 old version (rs232) since I can only get rapu to send in rs 232 (rapu has a 3-pin ttl port (-+s)) but no I manage to communicate from rapu ttl to ssc32u. I’m not an engineer and I do what I can, I keep learning step by step and this forum is a source of knowledge, thanks for your help

I beleive he is referring to how the SSC32 documented how to store sequences into the EEPROM.

The SSC32U documentation doesnt have that same documentation since the use of the Registers was implemented. The method is different even though the EEPROM still stores them…


The SSC-32U was designed as a dedicated RC servo controller, so not meant to store sequences. You can connect it to almost any inexpensive microcontroller and store the sequences on the microcontroller which are then sent to the SSC-32U.


Thank you very much for your help, I’m really learning a lot! The microcontrollers that robotshop has must be programmed with code (of those offered online I only know arduino), honestly I am not a programmer and my level of programming with arduino is very basic. Rapu offers me the possibility to program with VSA which is visual programming and looks a lot like a typical video editor. Very similar to flowbotics servo sequencer but with the advantage of being able to save in rapu which is plug and play and replaces PC. My premises for this project are; program without code (VSA) and replace pc with rapu. Do you know any microcontroller that can be programmed without code? with software similar to flowbotics or VSA? Also with VSA I can use ssc32 with ttl signals to drive relays (ssc32 pwm pins become ttl low high) and with flowbotics I haven’t found a way to do this. Thank you very much in advance

indeed Acigan_International I can’t find how to store a sequence in eeprom. Thanks for your attention

cbenson, do you know where i can buy several old version of ssc32? wrote a robot shop, let’s see if it answers me. I write from Spain.

BotBoarduino is Arduino compatible, also made by Lynxmotion and has the same size and mounting as the SSC-32U:

Sending positions to the SSC-32U is really easy using serial.println in Arduino.

As for programming without code, you might consider something like Scratch or other visual programming language.

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I’ll keep it in mind! Thank you very much for that solution…visual programming with scratch and charge in botboarduino, botboarduino controls servo and relays without the need for rapu or pc. Nice solution! is poetry to my ears … thanks!

cbenson, do you know where i can buy several old version of ssc32? wrote a robot shop, let’s see if it answers me. I write from Spain.

Send an email to [email protected] asking for RB-Onl-19 and indicate you’re talking with CBenson on the forum. Indicate your full address and how many you are looking to buy (as well as the product codes of any other products you want to buy at the same time). They’ll provide you with a quote since the remaining stock of SSC-32 is not available online.

Thanks Cbenson, I’m on it!