Designing a lidar enabled UAV system for terrain mapping

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my project title is ‘‘designing a lidar enabld uav system for terrain mapping’’ is it possible to use lidar lite v3 for 3d terrain mapping .
i need help in my project please respond me soon that how can i complete my projects and what are required appropirate hardware should be used

Short answer: Yes, but not trivial and may not produce great results.

Long answer: First, it would be best to consider the LLV3HP instead. It will simply perform better and at a higher scan rate.

Also, to scan in 3D with a single beam LIDAR, you will need hardware to effectively rotate the device and angle it, too. See this example. You may notice that this process is pretty slow. If using a UAV, you would most likely need to stay stationary for quite a well to get a good scan.
Of course, the scan can be performed faster but this will sacrifice resolution and accuracy.

Since you are moving in 3D space and trying to map in 3D the data produced by the sensor to itself, you will need to know accurately where your sensor is (either absolute positioning or relative positioning to a known position) and where you are pointing.

Knowing where your sensor is pointing can be determined in many ways. Usually an IMU is used in those cases.

As for the positioning, this is where it gets a bit more complicated. GPS and similar systems typically come to mind but they are usually not sufficient (at least the DIY/consumer grade stuff) in accuracy and resolution to create proper 3D maps. In such cases, RTK technologies typically become required, such as products from Emlid.

You may also want to look at what others have done already online. There are many interesting resources, such as OpenSLAM and the PCL (Point Cloud Library).

We hope this helps!


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thanks scharette
will you please guide me completly that how can i do this work with some novelty

Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time to do that. Plus, isn’t part of the fun of such projects to learn and grow your own skills? :slight_smile:
I can certainly try and point you in the right direction if you have specific questions, but you’ll have to do a large amount of reading, trial and error, etc. for any significantly complex project to function as designed/desired.

Please note that making a 3D scanner from parts is in itself a large, complex project. Making a UAV is also a significant project, though not as complex as it once was (lots of good open source stuff available for t hat nowadays). Combining a vehicle that can move in 3D with a 3D scanner to create 3D maps is also a complex project.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you spend a good amount of time thinking on those three problems and what you’ll need to do to meet your requirements (and figure those out if you haven’t already!).

Good luck! :+1:


i will try to create a terrain mapping with uav enbaled lidarlite v3 which is a range finder