Offline Lidar 3D visualisation

Hello, I intend to use a Lidar(most probably Lidar lite V3) in order to create 3d visualization from a drone.
What I’m looking for is to store data from the lidar on a memory chip on the drone and after the survey has been completed by the drone, I want to create the point cloud array of the terrain on my laptop from the data on the memory chip. Can anyone suggest any method for such offline terrain mapping?
I’m using a Pixhawk flight controller.


Hey there,

To help you with your project I can start by suggesting the following product:
This is mostly a UAV system that will map using a camera.

Else, I believe that this post would be pretty interesting for you since someone already covered the 3D mapping question here: Designing a lidar enabled UAV system for terrain mapping

I hope this helped you.