Lidar lite for surveying with drones

I am interested to use LIDAR-Lite 3 Laser Rangefinder for surveying with drones. Someone knows where can I buy this application?


We are unsure what you mean by application. Are you thinking of an app or other software only or full solution, complete with hardware and software?
Either way, we do not know of a complete solution around the LIDAR-Lite 3.


Thank you Sebastian.
Yes, I meant a complete solution using the Lidar Lite 3 and a software to get and process all data and get a terrain model, because I am not an Arduino expert to design my own solution.


Thanks for the clarification!

Well, we do offer most likely all the parts you would need to build such a system. That being said, you would need to build it yourself! :wink:

Complete solutions for surveying typically use commercial grade products and are quite expensive.

As for DIY, you can certainly find many tutorials and examples online. Your main goal would most likely to first understand the LIDAR-Lite itself.
Once that is accomplished, you would need to create a cloud of points with the LIDAR-Lite. This would most likely mean either moving very slowly or making multiple passes (or both). You would also need a way to know where the points were taken, most likely in relative to each other and a absolute point (to match it to a map/etc.).

Of course, none of this is trivial and would require much reading/learning and trial&error.

If you do decide to try it out yourself, good luck with it!


Thank you Sebastian for your answer.
I will start reading and watching tutorials, but to make my path as shorter as possible, I must tell you that I already have a DJiS900+A2+gimbalZ15GH4+LigthBridge2 to take photogrammetric pictures that I process on line to get orthophotos and 3D maps.

My question is, what additional equipments will I need, apart of Lidar lite 3, to take
and download data with my current drone and to process it on line?
Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, we are not too sure what else would be required. From what we understand, the DJI products are closed/proprietary and it would seem difficult to connect external devices (such as the LIDAR-Lite 3) to gather extra data. That being said, we did find a few examples (videos and such, no real explanation) of using professional grade LIDAR equipment with DJI platforms. From the information available, it seems an extra computing device is added to the platform to both process information from the flight controller and the sensor. This is most likely also the device which will have storage for your data points.

It would be good to note also that in such applications, drones are typically equipped with a rotating LIDAR sensor, not a fixed directional one. You may be instead interested in the RB-Scs-01, which uses the RB-Pli-06 internally and also already has software for processing its information.

In your case, you would most likely want to also add a SBC (maybe a Raspberry Pi 3 would be enough?) to your platform to process/combine the sensor/flight controller data together.