5DOF (kit) - Lynxmotion (LSS) & Computer vision


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

Use case computer vision with 5DOF (kit) & Nvidia Jetson Xavier

Hardware concerned:
5DOF (kit) & Nvidia Jetson Xavier

Additional information:
Could you confirm that it is possible to interface and pilot de the 5DOF (kit) - Lynxmotion (LSS) with a NVIDIA Jeston Nano Card ? We would like to Build a Computer Vision project with external camera plugged on Nvidia and doing a project like this example : (Look Video AT 3 Minutes) LEGO Mindstorms Arm with Computer Vision - YouTube but with your Arm Robot.

Thank you so much in advance for your help or one return of experience.

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Hello @PGN and welcome to the RobotShop community,

Yes, it is possible! The connection between the arm (the LSS adapter, to be more specific) and the Jetson Nano would be through USB, similar to how this tutorial shows (using a Raspberry Pi):

And because you mentioned Computer Vision I thought I should point you to this project:

Which uses the 4DoF version of the arm, a Raspberry Pi, and a camera to play Chess.

The code is implemented in Python and it is available here in case you are interested.

I hope this helps!

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Care to share what the project is about?

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