Lynxmotion Transitions to Arduino / BotBoarduino

Posted on 15/01/2014 by cbenson in Lynxmotion
Lynxmotion BH3R Hexapod Walking RobotLynxmotion BH3R Hexapod Walking Robot
Lynxmotion is announcing today that all Lynxmotion kits based on the Basic Atom Pro have been discontinued. Our supplier of the Basic Atom Pro microcontroller modules has notified us that they are changing their focus and the future availability of their microcontrollers is uncertain. As such, Lynxmotion has discontinued all kits which are based on the Basic Atom Pro in favour of the kits based on the BotBoarduino. Almost all kits which use the Basic Atom Pro have an Arduino equivalent based on the BotBoarduino. For example, if you were considering purchasing a BH3 (BH3CA) based on the Basic Atom Pro, there is an equivalent BH3 (BH3U) based on the BotBoarduino. There are a few kits which do not yet have a BotBoarduino version and include T-Hex 24 and A-Pod. We hope you enjoy the BotBoarduino version of our kits. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.
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