Yahboom 18DOF Programmable DIY AI Hexapod Robot--Muto S2

Muto S2 is a desktop-level bionic hexapod robot with aluminum alloy body. 18PCS 35KG metal servos and exquisite structural design enable it to perform various simulation actions with amazing flexibility and diversity. With the help of Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano as the main controller and Python3 programming, Muto can complete various functions such as color recognition, following, face tracking, QR code recognition, and visual line patrol. User can control it by mobile APP, wireless controller and computer web page button, can transmit the video captured by the camera to the mobile phone in real time. Muto S2 robot is an ideal companion for exploring technology, engineering and programming.

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Can I program it, and change the phone to robot messaging protocol? I’d like to add mapping and path planning off-device, using the camera.

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Does robot messaging protocol refer to mobile APP?Currently only supports Yahboom app control