First Look: Yahboom 18DOF Programmable DIY AI Hexapod Robot--Muto S2

Posted on 25/10/2023 by Riley224
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Muto S2 is a desktop-level bionic hexapod robot with aluminum alloy body. 18PCS 35KG metal servos and exquisite structural design enable it to perform various simulation actions with amazing flexibility and diversity. With the help of Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano as the main controller and Python3 programming, Muto can complete various functions such as color recognition, following, face tracking, QR code recognition, and visual line patrol. User can control it by mobile APP, wireless controller and computer web page button, can transmit the video captured by the camera to the mobile phone in real time. Muto S2 robot is an ideal companion for exploring technology, engineering and programming.

Hexapod robot 18DOF Bionic Joints:
 Muto S2 hexapod robot features a design with 6 legs and 18 degrees of freedom in bionic joints,Under the control of the development board Raspberry Pi or jetson nano, various bionic actions can be completed, providing exceptional stability and flexibility on various terrains, both indoors and outdoors.(There may be more 12-joint ones in the same price range on the market.)
35KG Servo Motors + All-Aluminum Alloy Structure: 
The 35KG high-torque serial bus servo is the core of the hexapod robot. It can accurately control the free and smooth movement of 18 joints. The aluminum alloy body allows your robot to easily travel through the jungle. It is for amateurs and professionals. Advanced Python Robotics Project
APP remote control enjoyment: 
The six-legged robot is equipped with a 1080p high-definition 2dof camera. Use the APP to experience the worry-free fun of wireless remote control through FPV transmission, allowing you to easily control the device without being restricted by distance or obstacles. Recommended AI Vision Multi-legged Robot Kit for Students in Electronic Programming Projects
Extended Battery Life of Over 3 Hours:
With a built-in high-capacity battery, it provides continuous power for more than 3 hours, Make the six-legged robot more suitable for high-intensity crawling outdoors and provide more free crawling time for STEM coding enthusiasts, ensuring you have ample usage time without the need for frequent recharging.
AI visual recognition: 
Yahboom six-legged robot adopts advanced AI visual recognition technology. It can deeply learn OpenCV, Python programming, Raspberry Pi or jetson nano. The algorithm is fast and accurate. It can recognize faces, gestures, colors, and QR codes, and perform Gaze tracking. This offers a wide range of application possibilities, making it suitable for both entertainment and educational purposes.

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Jetson NANO board, using Python3 programming, and using built-in inverse kinematics algorithms to accurately control robot movement.

2DOF camera PTZ:

  • 2DOF camera PTZ, combined with OpenCV image processing, can realize AI visual functions such as face tracking, object recognition, deep learning, skeleton detection, human posture estimation, and gesture recognition.

AI Visual Interaction:

18DOF motion joints:

  • 18DOF hexapod robot, all-metal aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable, able to move stably and flexibly in various environments.
  • Composed of 35KG bus servo, 2MP 1080 HD camera, 9900mAH large-capacity battery, professional expansion board and other high-quality accessories.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Jetson NANO board, using Python3 programming, and using built-in inverse kinematics algorithms to accurately control robot movement.

FPV real-time video transmission:

Inverse kinematics algorithm precision control:

Support Teaching Mode:

Posture Superimposition & Flexible Movement:

Bionic action mimicry:

Cross-platform Interconnection Control:

  • Supports mobile APP, wireless handle, and computer web remote control, which can transmit video images in real time and experience FPV control.

Very important: The product configuration of different versions of the kit is different

Product parameters:


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