Wearable Arduino Power Gripper


While I was designing this mad gadget, I had in my mind a desire to create something with a really crazy mechanical sci-fi look that I could attach to my arm, that could grab objects and maybe crush them. :)

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As always, excellent work! There’s certainly some inspiration from Alien’s Power Suit? Excellent writeup too!

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MY Goodness! I salute you after seeing how you made the arm from scratch with PVC pipes! Flawless!

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Thank you very much! I had a lot of inspirations in mind… probably the Power Suit too. But what I really had in mind was Fallout’s Power Fist (despite never having played the game).

Thank you very much! I was thinking “I need to build something really cool with PVC pipes”… the whole project started there. :slight_smile:

Great project, great video, great explanation.

I wish everyone knew how to “share” projects so well with such great presentation, including myself.

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Thank you very much, Martin!

I really put a lot of effort into producing the video… so I’m really happy with your recognition!