Wear Your Robot Software does not detect Leap Motion controller

Hi everyone, from a previous post on a use case I have here: Mapping motion tracking movemenets from video to AL5d arm movements , I was recommended the “Wear Your Robot Software” Wear Your Robot Software - RobotShop that I purchased. The application runs but does not detect the leapmotion controller. I’ve reached out to Fused Realities both from their support email and tried to contact them on their website, but haven’t received a response. Before I ask for my money back, I’m wondering if anyone here has used that software and been able to get it to work and/or been successful at receiving support from them?

For more specifics on the issue I’m seeing, when I click “Arm” in the Wear Your Robot software during simulation mode, it seems to be stuck on “Place Hands Over Sensor To Begin”

I don’t see anywhere in the Wear Your Robot software to configure the leapmotion controller so I’m assuming it is supposed to automatically detect it. I have verified via the “leap motion control panel” that the camera is working fine and I have the following leap motion software versions installed:
service version v5.7.2-70d46523
software version 3.1.0

@danodev Can you try [email protected]? Given him a few days to reply.

Did you check section 1.3.4 and then 2.1 “Connecting”?

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Thanks for the contact information! Yes I did look at the manual, and I am trying to remove complexity so running in simulation mode with the leapmotion controller first, taking the lynxmotion out of the picture for now. It seems like the leapmotion tracking is just supposed to work as I don’t see any specific configuration for it besides installing it from the leapmotion website.

Keep us posted. Hopefully you’ll hear back soon. Others have purchased it without issue, so we’ll see.

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Hi, Is there anyone else on here that has this software working? I still have not received any response from anyone supporting this at fused reality or virtual reality rehab and have tried multiple channels. Is this company still in business? Has the software gone stale vs the latest drivers/windows version and has not been updated? From my experience so far, I would recommend robotshop.com remove this software from their storefront.

We’ll transfer this to internal support and see if we can provide additional help ASAP.