Mapping motion tracking movemenets from video to AL5d arm movements

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if someone can point me to a way to map motion tracking software to robot movement with the AL5d arm? I am using to track points on my arm in a live video and the idea is to map those movements from the video to the robot arm as a part of an volunteer event. I’m thinking we could have the kids try to pick up and move blocks for instance. I have the robot working with the 2d Kinematics demo but now need to stitch these two technologies together and not sure what to do next. I’m a “light programmer” so probably won’t be able to stitch together my own inverse kinematics solver. I’m also on OSX but can use a windows machine if necessary. Do you have any ideas of software that can help me do this?

@danodev Welcome to the RobotShop Community. This seems like what you’re looking for?

They use a Leapmotion sensor for motion tracking.

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Thanks I’ll check that out. I DO happen to have a leap motion controller as well so hopefully that is the perfect fit!

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