Update release 2.0 - Image compression, Chat adjustments, Profile notifications, Editing tool improvements

Hello Dear Community,

Since the Update release 1.0, we have worked on improving specific elements that should assure a better experience throughout the platform.
Apart from the ongoing upgrades we regularly do, here are the adjustments you may notice on the platform:

2.1 Image compression
We have deployed a better compression tool for images displayed on the platform. This will allow them to load faster and will fix slow loading you may have experienced.

2.2 Username and emoji in the shoutbox
It was brought to our attention that some emojis or special characters were not displayed properly in the chat. Well, good news! It is now fixed! Say goodbye to weird characters!

Also, we noticed an intermittent bug which made capital letters in usernames change to small letters. From now on, your username keep its original form at all times!

2.3 @handle in the shoutbox
It is now easy to see if a user is replying to you specifically in the chat! The @handle function will now identify you with a red color so that you are sure not to miss a message that is destined to you!

2.4 Add topic in chat
In every section, you should now be able to see the ‘’Channel topic’’. This will allow us to specify the purpose or subject of the day! Users should now have a better idea of how they can use the channels to chat with members.

2.5 Shoutbox channels
In the Community Shoutbox, we decided to replace the #announcement channel, which did not have much activity, with the #welcome channel. We also changed the channel order: #welcome, #help, #general, #project and #roboticsnews.

2.6 Project tool Save and Preview adjustments
Thanks to the community members, we have improved the project editing tool. There are still some points to adjust, but for now, you can expect your draft editing to be easier.

We have added two buttons on the right side of the editing tool, which separate the simple save from the save and preview function.

Save as draft: Use this button at any moment to save as a draft a project you are currently working on. This will keep it hidden from all listings and only you will be able to see it.

Save as draft and preview in a new window: Use this button to save a project as a draft and preview it in a new browser window. You may need to disable your ad blocker or temporary allow pop-ups (usually to the right of your browser’s navigation bar). Your post will remain unpublished until you are done updating your project.

This preview opens in a new tab (so that the editing tool stays open where you are at before). The draft preview also has additional buttons, allowing you to either refresh your page or to edit the post.

2.7 Show Forum Notifications On Every Section
The account dropdown is now accessible from all the sections. Alerts will not be limited to the forum. You’ll be able to see a green number when you get a private message, and a red number when you receive notifications from the other sections on your profile icon.

2.8 Enable a Spell checking tool in the project editor
We have enabled a tool that will help you spot your typos or grammatical errors in your projects. It detects mistakes directly and suggests replacements.

2.9 Profile Overview Access
If you click on your username in the dropdown or on your profile summary from the forum, it leads you to your profile overview.

If you have questions or other suggestions, feel free to publish a forum topic in the Community Support and Suggestions category.