UBtech Alpha 1S Firmware

Please, could anyone tell me how can I update (reinstall) the UBtech Alpha 1S firmware by USB? The robot does not connect via bluetooth. Thank you so much!

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Hi @rafael_ctism and welcome to our forum.

Here are some instructions that I have found: https://assets-new.ubtrobot.com/downloads/Alpha%201S%20Operation%20user%20manual%20for%20PC.pdf?download

Question: What happens when you connect your Alpha to PC via USB? Does the PC recognize it?

Thank you.

Thank you for your help. This manual is for an older version of the software. I tried to use this version, but the software does not communicate with the server (all the links in the software are broken).

The Robot works normally via USB with the new version of the PC software, but it does not allow to update the firmware.

Via bluetooth it can pair, but the app cannot communicate with the robot. For this reason, I would like to install the firmware again.


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Hi @rafael_ctism

Thank you for your reply.

When you say “it does not allow to update the firmware”, you mean there is no functionality for this in the PC software, or you are getting an error when trying to update?


There is an option in the PC software to see the firmware version, but the update button is disable.

I found out that 1372 ubtech alpha 1s robots have been modified for use in a commercial.

I verified that the bluetooth module was disabled and a 433Mhz RF module was inserted, probably to start all the robots simultaneously. Then, I believe the controller (STM32) firmware have been modified to use the RF module.
I enabled the bluetooth module again, but I don’t know if the firmware is the original.


Good afternoon, how are you? Could you tell me how you did to enable bluetooth, if you have updated the firmware, how did you do the procedure please.