The best robot simulation software?

What computer software simulates the most realistic (as realistic as possible) design of microcontrollers, motor controllers, sensors and actuators assemblies for these types of robots ?

That the can be simulated and wires connection for controllers, with all inputs and outputs for linkage , and how the motor should behave for various cases linkages and programings. Rotation angle, speed, …

Hi Aleksandari,

You can find all the simulation software available here:

Lynxmotion also has some great software for designing robots and controlling servo motors:

Let me know if this helps.

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And which one is the best of them all, there are more, many software here ?
I am need first simulation how an individual servos connected to a microcontroller will behave, which cannot yet be called a robot, and then just a simulation of a finished robot and sensors.
Is there good software for everything up to, and with good tutorials how to use ?

Thanks for this too !
But what of the best to choose?


There is an online simulator called tinkercad that simulates devices like servos, leds, motors etc. You can write c code as you would for an Arduino and it runs it and controls the devices. It’s a bit fiddly to use but is free and works ok


I wonder if @fwilk has a suggestion. He’s been using one for his project.

He uses PyBullet for his robot. Not sure what are the other options for your specific need though…

You mean this ?

Is there a tutorial somewhere, what all the options are there in tinkercad ?
I managed to find Circuit design Simulation, but as far as I can see only microcontrollers with add-ons can be simulated (servos, actuators, sensors) and Code.

And are there any 3D options to attach parts to the servo to assemble the robot, after testing the electronic part of the job ? I managed to test half of the work, and the rest can I do here or have to go somewhere else on another site or program ?

So I need a simulation of the whole robot after the electronics and the servos ?

@Aleksandari, yes that is what I use. I don’t know of a tutorial, I just worked it out by playing with it. It can’t simulate a robot. I use it to simulate the sub systems, like the servos, motors etc. Then I put them all together and do final tweaking on the built model. I agree, it’s not as good as a full robot sim, I expect there are full blown sims out there but there are probably either proprietary (i.e. aimed at specific manufacturer) or professional/ industrial products.


And what software do you use there, or you’re instantly embedded in a real robot or you instantly build it into a real robot, simulating only electronics, so what turns out ?

I put together a project on that site, I attached a file, do you know why those 2 servo rotate in different directions.
Copy of Practical 1 - Simulation.brd (150 KB)

@Aleksandari, yes after I’ve tested everything in tinkercad, i put all of the code into a single sketch and see how the robot acts. I can then make any tweaks. Tweaks would normally be something like delays, the starting angle of a servo, speed of motors etc.