Support for ssc32u board

Hello I am writing to inform you that the ssc32u board was bought a while ago it worked fine with phoenix code but
I must have done something to it. but I tested it out by jumping the pulse and vs1 pin where you connect the servos and
it lite up and worked even with the lynx term and sequencer program but also jumped the vs and the VL pins
the green junction box and it lite up. So on my part I will go further and meter the board to find the problem
I have new boards the bot board and the ssc32u. I will use them for my spider robot which works great with the phoenix
code. What I need help on is routing the servo wires on the spider robot. But that will be some other time.

Thank You for all your help I will be back on this site to check for more help with problems.
I recommend any one to come to this site here you will find solutions to problem like mine

Thank You
Dan DiGregorio

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