SSC-32U USB Power problems

I have a Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller, the first time I powered it up (in VS1) my power supply (6v 5amp) in VS1 it smoked and melted the link between the female Connector and the transformer. I changed to a 6v 3amp and I get nothing in VS1 or VS2 but I get board power in VL, My question is did I fry the board?

That probably means there was a short at the terminals between VCC and GND. Typically, this happens if you have wire strands touching from the two cables going in.

What power supply were you using? Please provide one or more pictures of your setup clearly showing the SSC-32U, the power supplies and anything else that was connected or could be relevant. Feel free to annotate your pictures as needed for clarity.

Again, pics would help here. What are the state of all your jumpers?

If you get the magic smoke than most likely, yes. Regardless, I’ll do my best to help you figure that out quickly! :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for your reply to further help you.


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The wire is solid 18 gage

Please note the SSC-32U should not be powered by VL, only by VS1 (or VS2, if VS1=VS2 jumpers are in place as in the default setup).

See this post and try connecting with Lynxterm and typing the command “VER”. Does your board answer?


I have no board power in VS1 or VS2

That is definitely an issue, as mentioned above:


At this point can I send the board in to get it check and possibly fixed OR Do I need to buy a second board?

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