SSC-32U power cycle issue in sequencer app

Hi! I am having the same trouble as described here. I bought the board a few years ago and trying to get it running.

If I select the highest baud rate (115200), the Sequencer Utility software briefly connects to the board (via COM4) but then in a moment says “Please recycle the power and try again.” and drops the connection. I did this several times.

It happens before I can hit the button to update the firmware though it looks like there is no update past V2.5 which is what my board has.

I don’t see this mentioned in the manual. Can anyone help?

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Hi @Neba,

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Please find below answers to your questions and comments:

Please note that your SSC-32U has already the latest firmware and there are no known reason to (attempt to) perform a firmware update. Your best case scenario if you go through with a firmware update on an SSC-32U is that it fails and your device is safe. Worst case is an update with an improper firmware (such as an older version for the SSC-32, previous version of the board) causing it to fail/bricking the board.

Therefore, please do not try to update the firmware on your SSC-32U.

There’s a few things to unpack here:

  1. Do you have a proper power source (at least 6 V DC) connected to VS1? It sounds like you only have a USB cable connected from the SSC-32U to your computer. Please note that the SSC-32U’s USB port only powers the USB to serial interface and nothing else. Therefore the board will show up as a device (COM port on Windows, /dev/TTYUSB?? on Linux; similar on OSX) but will not power any of the on-board electronics.
    Not having the SSC-32U properly powered through the VS1 screw terminal typically leads to a “Please recycle the power and try again.” error as the sequencer software sees the port but cannot establish a connection.

  2. With the SSC-32U properly powered-up (should have the blue PWR LED on), press the BAUD button once quickly. The LEDs A/B should blink quickly to indicate the current baud rate. By default the SSC-32U is shipped at 9600 (only green LED blinks). You can change the baud rate by pressing and holding the BAUD button and following the steps in the SSC-32U manual, page 34 (bottom half).

Please check the details above and let us know if that helps.