Solar-Radio hat (Treadbot "Giz")

The solar-radio mod was made to accompany the treadbot "Gizmo" hat.
However, it is compatible with any 6.5-6.75" body.

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So I’d like to say that after lots of tests, I couldn’t get the motors to run. It worked fine with dead batteries, but 2-12 volts and 10-700mAh won’t do it. So not sure what’s going on with my connections. I’ll stay updating. This is probably my last failed electronics project. I’m moving onto software only.

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Hey @RebelRoboticist, never give up :slight_smile:

You can share here your electrical wiring schematics if you have, or a clear picture of your wiring.

Maybe we see something that you didn’t.

Cool project btw. Hope that motors will run soon, and that we can see all of that in a video :slight_smile:

Still no Makeblock movement.

You’re seeing one motor move from a 3w panel. What I can’t show you is the treads move. I may upgrade the panels.

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The 6v .5w panel is connected to the radio.
The motors connect to other panel. You will obviously switch positive for one.
It’s not a hard build. I can try and draw something next month after my promo, but I don’t have experience with electrical.