Solar-Radio hat (Treadbot "Giz")

Posted on 09/06/2019 by RebelRoboticist in Gizmo the Treadbot
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The solar-radio mod was made to accompany the treadbot "Gizmo" hat.
However, it is compatible with any 6.5-6.75" body.

These steps were taken for this hat mod.

  1. Cut holes for radio knobs and screen into <hat>.
  2. Drill holes for solar wires.
  3. Cut microB wires for future splice.
  4. Clip .5w panel to FM radio module.
  5. Insert LRDs into front holes.
  6. Insert LRDs into motor wire-connectors.
  7. Connect 3w panel +e to -e on right motor.
  8. Connect 3w panel -e to +e on right motor.
  9. Connect 3w panel +e to +e on left motor.
  10. Connect 3w panel -e to -e on left motor.
  11. The 3w panel is connected positive to positive and negative to negative. This is to specs that both motor go forward. The LRDs cut the opposite motor. Power is given to the bright side.
  12. Connect one 3.5mm wire into FM radio module and then BT speaker(jack).

My connection was very loose. So I screwed a radio antenna to the front hole and propped my hat up to repair. All connections were made using a terminal block connector and alligator clips.

I'm adding a BT speaker kit in components because it's compatible.

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