Snow Plow Robot

This is my snow plow bot. It is currently RC but I want to convert it to wireless for internet control.Weighs about 200 pounds.

Some Specs:

  • 2x25 Sabertooth Motor Controller
  • 2 12v Deep cycle batteries run in series (24v)
  • 2 Wheelchair motors
  • Craftsman Trac-Drive (tracks and pullies)
  • 24v 4 inch linear actuator to lift the blade
  • 2 x 24v 4 inch linear actuators to turn the blade
  • Arduino controls the blade raise and lower
  • Blade is from a lawn tractor

More Build Pics and Video:

New Paint and braced the track plates

Actuators to turn the blade

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Tracking snow

OpenCV can reliably track straight lines or whitey spots. Look for temperature operating range, because batteries go flat if left unprotected outside in winter, and all electronics lag if it gets below 10c.

But making image recognition with OpenCV heats enough to stay warm:)

Heavy Freakin Duty!

Gotta love this work-bot! nice job!

More pics

Can you post more pictures please? You did an awesome job.

Snow fighting

It does a great job! If the blade would be inclinated it would prevent snow build up and a force sensor or a switch can detect if there is too much snow on the blade.

There is little snow where i live, but it would be a good garden bot, raking leaves, mowing lawn or just bringing things!

More build pics

Love that platform

I’m totally salivating over that trac drive.  I must find a way to get one without having to purchase the rest of a machine.  Very cool.

Wonderful Tractor Drive

Wow, if I had known that I could cob a great pre-fabricated tractor drive, I would not have tried to build one from scratch.  I take it that this came from some Craftsman Snow Thrower or similar power tool?

Craftsman 5/23 Snowblower

I actually found it on Craigslist in Michigan. I was able to convice the ower to seperate and send me just the tracks.

In the works

Blade angle is next. If you follow the build pics link you can see how the lift is being achieved. I hope to replace the 4 arms attached to the sides of the blade with actuators for side to side movement.

I was also considering a push mower attachment for the front to use in the summer since it does have the weight to make it work.

Great! Looking forward for other versions:)

I can’t see icloud photos because apple silly policies. I’ll try some workarounds tomorrow

Looking good.

I started mine a couple years ago, but last summer due to issues that came up (unrelated to the robot) my summer was not spent playing with my project.

My robot is the same as yours in parts, but design was a bit different. Mine is more enclosed. It is still two wheelchair motors, two 12v batteries, sabertooth 2x25, arduino, and rc receiver.

I am going to add a plow as well, but not internally. I built my body so that it encloses the battery, electronics, and motors. I want to mount a ‘top’ module to the top of the body so that it can be replaced with other modules. This way, I can have a plow module. A mowing module. A robotic arm module. A ‘seat’ module (so the kiddos can ride it around). A wheel barrel module. A telepresence module. Etc. The Plow module will just mount on with a few bits of threaded rod/large wingnuts or similar. The plow arm and linear actuator will be mounted to that and just plug into the robot, much like a boat trailer plugs into a truck.

This will make it more versatile.

What are your plans for the electronics?

I want multi purpose as well

I plan on changing the plow mount so I can do some similar implement changes. I want a mower attachment for next summer.

As for electronics I’m thinking of switching over to a raspberrypi and wifi for control. Addition of a camera and some sensors to the bot like temp and proximity.


My eventual goal is to have

My eventual goal is to have sensors to avoid objects, potholes, follow, etc…

I also want a gps. I want to be able to open a map and…

Pick two spots and say "Go from point A to point B"


Drawn a line and say "Follow the drawn path"


Draw an enclosed area and say “Patrol this area, but stay within the specific field”

I am more of a mechanical guy and I know basic electronics, but microprocessing, the sensors, gps, programming… those are the challenges (and what makes the project interesting… lol)

I already have a camera for the bot, and a set of wireless goggles for remote viewing, and I just ordered a tiny computer (ECS LIVA) to put inside it.


That is brilliant. I have

That is brilliant. I have bought some parts for my first robot, an indoor one, as practice for building a plough/lawnmower - but those other modules never occurred to me. I’ll have to look into that in a few months. Need to get the mini indoor version working, first. 


I’m in a wheelchair and hate having my parents/neighbors plow my drive and sidewalk and I’ve been looking for a remote controlled snowplow.  I’m not very engineering minded but if I had a step by step guide I could build or would buy one off somebody but I don’t have a big budget and winter is almost over.  I’ve looked at several online and most are ones people put together or are the RC/Blizzard type.  I don’t need something huge, I live in central Indiana were we don’t get a ton of snow but probably more than the RC/Blizzard could push or it might take forever but I could be wrong.  If anyone could help either build or tell me what theirs would cost or if you know something else that might work that would be fantastic!


Cplau I know its been a

Cplau I know its been a while but have you found anything that you would do differently? I plan to follow your design but actually use a snow blower attachment powered with an electrical motor. I like your clean work with the base. Perfect

What I would do differently

The Actuator that I used for the blade lift has failed twice now. I wouldn’t recommend using the ebay stuff :frowning:

The blade ability to angle left and right is great but in heavier snow it does cause the bot to slip in that direction. If I stand or sit on it when I plow it’s way better…so I need to add weight.

I thought about a snowblower and electric would be the way to go for safety. I just went simple for now.

**what’s the watts of the motor? **

what’s the watts of the motor? 

Did you build the drive socket yourself?

Are you making your own sprockets as it seems – I see the motor drive socket is welded indicating you put it together yourself, is that so?