Snow Plow Robot

Any way I could get a specific list of all the parts, I dont have any knowledge of wiring or electrical but really want to learn. Could you help me?

The majority of the parts are listed above. The motors were sourced from a Jazzy wheelchair I found on Craigslist. I bought the plow blade from Craigslist as well and the guy said it was from a lawn tractor. As for the actuators that control the blade these are cheap ebay 24v linear actuators.

Can you tell me the measurements of the tracks? A buddy has one that he is willing to give me but the tracks look smaller than what you used, I’ve tried to find measurements but no luck.

The tracks measure about 54" all the way around. They are about 5 1/2" wide. These are off of a Craftsman 5/23 snowblower.

Here is one in Colorado.

Thanks for the response, the one my buddy has is off of a trac plus so they are a little smaller than the trac drive. It is hard to find a set local to where I am at the moment. I am hell bent on finding the parts and hopefully build one.

Could you tell me the measurements of your snow plow, found one that is 42", not sure if that is to long but it’s a brand new craftsman lawn mower plow that I can get for $75. Is there a way I can get your email?

Hi @cplau, could you tell us how to control the actuator from rc receiver?
Thank you!

There are 2 ways to control it with a motor controller. You can just grab an RC channel or you can write some code with Arduino which is what I did. The code is very simple using the Servo library.

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Cplau are you still around?