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Since the day robotic vacuums were introduced, household cleaning was changed forever. Due to their sleek design and advanced technology, people are hitting the market to purchase their own robot vacuum cleaner. But is the device worth it? Let’s get started with the basics and then check out the mo

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Thanks for the nice and helpful information. I think this is a complete guide for robot vacuum cleaners . This post will be very helpful for potential robot vacuum cleaner buyers to pick the right one. Thanks for sharing

I am using robotic vacuum cleaners from quite some time now and yes they are the women’s best friend. I recommend everyone to use.

DO you not have an email to where I can submit a question?

@Bob, we have several ways customers can get in touch. A direct e-mail would be [email protected]

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Hi Julie,
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Fantastic informative article. Intelligent appliances are the future. I am so glad that I have found your article.I have never known that they used core technology for them. Best regards!

i think we should, i don’t have time for clean my hardwood floors with normal vacuum cleaner

I think we should use such equipment more often as we do it now. In any case it can save our time a lot! But I have no idea where can I buy such machine! I was searching online and I found a lot of good variants, I can say that some of them are amazing! For instance, this web site (I guess it is new) suggests the newest vacuum machine but it does not have robots(((
Can you tell me where can I get this robot - I will be very greatful for reply!

@Mark Check out

Couldn’t agree more with you.
Being sick and tired of the wired bulky or even the small hand manoeuvred vacuum cleaners this was a breath of fresh air.
I recently got iRobot Roombs and its easy to use, minimum interference required and thorough cleaner.
What more do you want, Love it.

Lol. So true about the legos! They’re still great value for money though. I have the Neato XV back at home…great for shedding cat.

Great article about robot cleaners. This post let us have a better idea of choosing the right robotic vacuum cleaner. Great article!!

we should , i like this robotic vacuum

i love the technology. and i love this product.

This will be the best friends of human in coming years. Robots everywhere.

Great post. Keep writing such kind of info on your page. I m really impressed by your blog.

It is really helpful for all those who really get bored and tired of vacuum cleaning; there is so much other work to do rather than staying busy in making a home neat and clean. Making it perfect for the lady in the house is really helpful !