Should You Get a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner? | RobotShop Community

Kent, haha! In all honesty, though, I wonder how far off that technology is? You do raise a good point about robot vacuums not being able to discern dirt from small toys kids leave laying around.

Hi can you get a robot vacuum in New Zealand? Do they go under and around beds sofa’s etc.

Hi, We can certainly ship to New Zealand. However, you will have to order from our US website
When you prepare to use your Robot Vacuum make sure you try to clear the space of as many obstacles as possible. Clear the area;Beware of water; Lift bed skirts if you want Neato to clean underneath.
Most Robot Vacuums can clear obstacles, thresholds or changes in floor surface that are up to 3/4″ (19mm) high.

what is Mind Charging of the robotic Vaccum?

Hi Fred,
Can you give us more details about where you got this information, please?

Sorry for late reply. I have an old one robot vacuum which I have been using over 2 years. Happy to use this one so far. Thanks!

Sorry for late reply. The Thamtu G10 I bought recently is not bad, and it can be used under the bed, sofa, etc.