Servo Vs Stepper

Trying to decide between servo and stepper.

The application involves swinging an 18" bar up to 90 degrees.

The torque needed would be around 600 oz-in.

It would need to make the 90 degree turn in less than 0.2s (75 RPM), so would need high acceleration right off the start, but wouldn’t need a fast top speed.

Doesn’t need to be precise, but needs a quick, snappy, “flicking” motion of the bar, in both directions with fast reflexes if that makes sense.

Any info helps, thanks.

Could you please show a picture or link of the bar that you’ll be using?

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Still in the design phase so unfortunately not, but think of it like a rod with a point mass at the end with a moment of inertia approx. 0.125 kg m^2

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Hi @nickweisberg and welcome to the forum.

Maybe these short tutorials can help you choose?

In general, for fast movement, servo is the best choice. For slow and precise angular movement, stepper is better. Here are some applications of servo motors: Control Engineering: Surprising Applications of Servo Motors - The Engineering Projects

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