Selfmade tracks in a 3d printed mold?

I’m playing with the idea to make my own track elements. I digged out my best 3D printer and want to design a mold. 300mmx200mm bed size
The mold will be filled 50% with black rubber silicone and a wooden inlay ( plywood handcut) to make it stiffer.
The mold is a two piece thing, so I can add bushings and shaft. Then fill it up completely and close the lid.
All I need is a good template for a single track-element. ( track profile and how to connect it to the spur and drive gears?)

Any hints?

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Quiet a few people have designed custom tracks around bicycle sprockets and chains. It will all depend on the size and dimensions you want.

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I was amazed by this snow plower but I’m sure, I wont find any tracks like that on a scrapyard nearby or on ebay.
My track would be that size, but segmented. The mold for a single segment would have to fit my 300x200mm printbed, so the segment itself will be around 250x150mm.
Making a silicone/plywood/silicone sandwich will get me the best of both worlds: stiff but durable.