Rotating LIDAR-lite and accelerometer

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Thank you very much scharette If I want to use this combination of accelerometer and rotating lidar in moving robot can I get accurate angle during its motion ?

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No problem, glad you found the info helpful.

Well, this depends on what you mean by “accurate angle”!
If using an IMU like the RB-Spa-1394 and setting it to a range of ±2 g the internal 16-bit ADC of the sensor should provide with 65535 values for that range. If all you are trying to sense is ±1 g (normal gravity), that gives you half that resolution (~32768 “positions”). This should be more than enough to get a good angle reading for most situations.

Of course, if your robot is moving you’ll have to consider its acceleration/deceleration (and its impact on the accelerator’s returned value). Basically, only take readings when the total accelerations is 1 g (i.e. the robot is not moving or moving at constant speed).