RobotShop Perimeter Wire Generator and Sensor Soldering Kit


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

After soldering together the perimeter wire generator and sensor kit and hooking up to 12V supply and an Arduino I am unable to get any values out of the sensor using analog read. I would appreciate help in trouble shooting steps I should take.
Hardware concerned:
Software concerned:
Arduino IDE
Troubleshooting steps already taken:
The sender appears to be sending a signal.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!


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To be able to help you better, could you attach clear pictures showing your setup/connections of the assembled Generator and Sensor boards ?

The first step would be to troubleshoot your Generator/Sensor boards. To do this, you can start by probing your Sensor Board output pins with a voltmeter and verify that there is a voltage variation as you bring the inductors to the perimeter wire (while the Generator board is powered at 12V and sensor board is powered at 5V)

Thank you for the help! I do not see any variation in voltage between the output pins and ground when I bring it close to the perimeter wire. It still reads at 0V. I have attached pictures of my set up.

Please try the following:

  • Connect the inductor directly on the wires (without using the barrel adapters).
  • While keeping the inductor close to the perimeter wire (the inductor’s axis should be perpendicular to the perimeter wire as explained in this blog post), vary the potentiometer on the generator board and monitor the output of the sensor board. This potentiometer varies the square wave frequency of the generator board from 32 698Hz to 43 956Hz as the resonance frequency of the tank circuit on the sensor board can vary due to the manufacturing tolerances of the components in use.


ich verwende das Kit an einem Arduino Mega, für einen Mähroboter. Bei Außen-Temperaturen bis ca. 23 Grad Cel. funktioniert alles sehr gut. Bei höheren Temperaturen misst der Sensor hohe Werte, so dass permanent der Draht detektiert wird, obwohl der Mähroboter noch weit entfernt vom Draht ist. Wenn ich alles abkühlen lasse, dann läuft es für 10 Minuten wieder sehr gut. Was kann man da machen? Mfg Lorenz

I use the kit on an Arduino Mega, for a robot lawn mower. Everything works very well at outside temperatures of up to approx. 23 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures, the sensor measures high values so that the wire is constantly detected, even though the robotic lawnmower is still far away from the wire. If I let everything cool down, it runs very well again for 10 minutes. What can you do there? Mfg Lorenz

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@LorenzoKoko Unfortunately we are not aware of this issue to be able to give specific advice. Given the low cost of the unit, could you add two more and space them slightly farther away from the original two? You would not need the generator, but they are sold as a pair.

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Hm…, Thanks for your answer I will try it.

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