Robot shirt

I found this shirt today. Kind of cool and only $10 USD, shipped in CONUS.

Robot shirt


Also on the site was a link to a PDF you can print and cutout to make paper toys of some the robots printed on the shirt.

This is my favorite robot

This is my favorite robot shirt that I own:




I wonder if shipping would be a killer if I were to get some LMR T-shirts made up…


Go for it!

Go for it! i would buy one!!

That would be sooooooooooooo awsome!




you can use those "special
you can use those “special sheets” to make it on your own, all you need is a printer, an iron and those sheets (i don’t really know their name).

Yes and no

Yes. These are quite good for a one-off for a stag party or whatever, but I find the message wears off after 3 or 4 washes.

I’m talking embrodiered logos on quality polo shirts…

Sit tight
Watch this space. Wait 'till we have a logo!

We could go thru
We could go thru I really want an LMR thong that says “That’s what she said! LMR”


IF you model the pre-production prototype on YouTube, we could all club together and get you one.

Ummm BOA thanks for the
Ummm BOA thanks for the offer, but I’m married and you live too far away… I’m just not into dudes. I’m sorry.

Heh heh heh
Hey - you COULD have been a girl. I’m also married. Besides, I was suggesting you model it for the benefit of the site. But if you’re going to bottle out…!

This is just the starting

his is just the starting idea:

i haven’t added much to it because i like simple t-shirts. What do you think about it? I was also thinking about writing the user name and number at the back, but don’t know where to.

Suggestions? Opinions? Bring 'em on!

I totally dig the idea of

I totally dig the idea of user# n the shirt!! Only it would have to be individual prints then :confused:

Are you giving any deeper thoughts to this in terms of… are you planning to actually get it printed somewhere? Would be ace!

have no idea on where i

have no idea on where i could do that actually… i was just giving an overall idea on making shirts in order to advertise LMR, in fact i didn’t think about a “mass” production (this is what i was thinking: each one has his own shirt, just to advertise a bit, that’s why the user# idea came into mind).

But yeah, it would also be cool as you suggest it. Problem is we would have to send t-shirts all around the world and that could mean high costs. The shipping fee would maybe cost more than the shirt itself…

What you could do, is to

What you could do, is to contact and let them know that a design with LMR would be a popular sales item… And especially if they decided to donate a % to Dan of each shirt it would be a real support & benefit for everyone!

LMR had 43.000 visitors last month! You could tell them that! :slight_smile: We would of course link back to them :wink:

Ok, i’ll try that tomorrow,

Ok, i’ll try that tomorrow, and also try some other sites.

In case that won’t work out, could we still produce or own t-shirts to advertise LMR?

"In case that won’t work

"In case that won’t work out, could we still produce or own t-shirts to advertise LMR?"

Sure, that would be ace :slight_smile: And funny too!

Why a shirt?

I know of a few members that would benefit from a fresh new branded baseball cap instead.

(Or to go with that shirt of course.)

**Cafepress **

Cafepress takes whatever art you have and puts it on T-shirts, baseball caps, coffee (or tea) cups, or umpteen other thigns you can think of. Once a logo is made, everybody can submit their own, including adding an individual user number (might have to get someone with picture editing capabilites). Check it out :

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