Robot Recycling Idea

Lots of people use 3D printers! Especially for robotics. Say you were printing a motor holder, and it was a few centimeters too small!

If you like to help the earth, you wouldn’t want to just throw it away! That’s happened to me a lot. so, I came up with…


there would be heaters in there, along with a narrow funnel. The heaters heat it up and then motors push the filament out!


Hey guys! i’m new so it’s kind of junky:) please leave a comment.

Hey @henry_bot and welcome to the forum!

Your idea was moved from Blog section to the Forum. In Blog section generally is shared broader content about the field of robotics and technology. Your project is still in ‘idea’ phase, so it is easier for others to contribute in a Forum :slight_smile:

Anyway, your idea looks very simple which is good :slight_smile: Big problems (like pollution and recycling) require simple solutions.

Do you have any hint how your recycling unit is gonna work? I guess there would be some shredders inside to cut plastics into smaller pieces, and then some heaters that could extrude new filament?

Share with us more :slight_smile:

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Thank you, dj! if i give it more should it be moved back to blogs, or no?

and yes, i will gladly say how it will work. der on my part.

Hey @henry_bot ,

I suggest when you finalize your idea and when you start realizing it(for example, creating and assembling first physical parts) to put it in Robots section :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you so much! and, do you happen to know what some of the free products are if you become an ambassador

I know if you participate in monthly Robot and/or Tutorial contest, you could win 100$ :slight_smile:

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Oh my gosh thanks! do you know how hard the competition is?

Hi @henry_bot that is a cool idea, I hope to hear more about it in the future :grin:

The details and conditions of the Robot of the Month Contest are in the link provided by @igor_X and the competitors would be the projects you see in the Robots and Tutorials sections. If the projects were added in the last month and meet the conditions they will be participating in the competition. You can check last months winner here :grinning:

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Why don’t you take help from google search?

@henry_bot The image in the first post doesn’t seem to be displaying anymore? If I recall correctly, you were interested in a plastic shredder combined with a filament extruder? There seems to be more and more available on the market - some are professional while others are DIY. Most don’t have very large openings to insert large plastic objects because it presents an increased safety hazard. There are also automatic spooling machines for the filament (some just rotate while better ones properly wind the extruded filament onto the spool. Given that PLA filament has a shelf life (and then starts to break apart easily), not only could you add plastic from bad prints, but also expired filament (and of course other sources of the same type of plastic). A few words to use in an online search:

  • Plastic shredder
  • Filament extruder
  • Filament winder (not many results yet)
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yes! thank you! i am very sorry because i have not been on for a while. i will definitely search, and thank you!