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Hi, I am looking for the gear motor for my pool cleaner robot its a dc motor 24V number here is 41JFS3146 where can I find these or similar I can use? thank you.

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Could you specify the model number of your robot please?
I don’t believe that RobotShop has any parts for the Polaris robots since it’s not in their catalog.


Thx for your reply, I am just trying to find the parts anywhere and wasn’t sure here someone would know where or not. My robot is a Polaris P955. Thx again

Thanks for the information.

I managed to find the BOM view of the robot:

I am not sure but I believe the part you want to replace is the following: R0638100 Motor Block Type D

Let me know if this makes sens.

Yes it makes sense about the motor block but that’s what Polaris wants you to do cause no one fix, most of the ppl just replace…the motor works what doesn’t work and what usually fail are the 2 gearbox that make the wheels spin and the motors cost 10/15 maybe 20$ …the motor block they sell it for 600$…hope it makes sense as well what I’m saying considering I know how to replace those little motors …

I understand the situation.

I believe that if you could manage to open yours and make a little guide on how to repair it, it would save a lot of money and time to most of the users of this robot.

Thanks! Good luck!

You can try contacting this website, it’s in China but they have product you are looking for.

If you could repair it you could save a lot of money and time to make the most of that robot.

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Did you end up finding that part, we need the same part and having problems trying to find it

We have pulled out the faulty motor but can’t find anywhere to buy the replacement. My husband pulled it apart and looks like it just needs a new spring brush

A couple years ago a gear motor went out on our P945 and it was going to cost almost as much to repair as a new machine.

Now a gear motor went out on the replacement 9550 sport with same story of repair vs replace cost.

I chose option 3. Took apart the 2 machines and the remaining good motor in the P945 was a direct replacement for the bad gear motor in the 9550 and plugged right into the circuit board inside the motor block. Cleaned up the big O ring/O ring housing that seals the motor block as there seemed to be a build up of minerals from the pool water that possibly caused a leak. Gooped the heck out of the O ring/O ring channel with silicone goop (NOT GLUE). Put everything back together and it’s been working perfectly since.

Cost $9 for silicone gloop from Leslies.

If I can source more motors I can likely get the old P945 back in service.

If not, look around for as-is broken Polaris machine. If the wheels on at least one side of it can be turned manualy then it likely still has a good gear motor. Swap that sucker in and save yourselves a bundle.

I have the same problem. I had one motor corroded and binding, not sure if the gearbox is bad too. The good motor had a desiccant pack next to it which was damp. The bad motor had NO DESSICANT. Crappy quality control. The robot was five years old. I used to leave it in the water for extended periods. DONT DO THAT.
Henceforth I will take it out every time I use it. I have found out that it is not necessary to clean the pool so frequently.Except in summer, hardly at all (NW FL)

I have a Polaris 955 cleaner and one side of the robot wouldn’t spin the wheels.
Since it was the middle of summer, I bit the bullet and paid for an entire new motor block D. Killed me to do this since it was 1/2 the price of a new one.
Anyway, I just got around to taking the old motor block D apart to salvage parts and decided to look into why the old motor assembly failed. After disassembly, it was obvious. The bearing in the 5th picture down is seized. This bearing goes around the output shaft (see 4th picture down). Even though the motor looks a little rusty, I hooked it to 12VDC (I know it’s a 24VDC motor) and it spun freely in both directions. The output shaft protrudes through the plastic housing in picture 4 and the bearing goes between the housing and the white gear on the shaft. The bearing measurements are 8mm ID, 16mm OD and 5mm width. I just bought 10 of them on Amazon for about $11. I plan to repair this motor assembly, along with keeping all the other good parts from my previous motor block D.
There is a seal that is integral part of the plastic housing that the output shaft fits through. This is most likely the leaky area. Not sure if I can seal it up better, but worth a shot.

I tried originally to just buy the 41JFS3146 but did not have any luck locating one and the manufacturer never replied to my inquiry.

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If anyone still wants these motors i have them [email protected]

The wheels on one side of mine quit. It made a sound like skipping gears. Upon disassembly I found the two flathead machine screws inside the gearbox were loose. Re assembled everything and it worked. Wore a bit off the first plastic gear but it works. Is the motor listed above come with the gear box?
Thanks Randy

I have the same problem and build an adapter plate for new other motors
If you are still interested…

We are having the same issue upon taking it apart we have found that one tooth has broken off our gear does anyone know where I can find a replacement?

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any replacement parts regarding this robot since we don’t have it in our catalog.

We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly.

Here are their contact details:

2-3365 Mainway
Burlington, ON L7M 1A6

Product Support: (800) 822-7933
Dealer Support: [(888) 647-4004](tel:(888) 647-4004)

Product Support: (905) 825-2470
Dealer Support: (905) 825-5780

[email protected]

Kind Regards,

I talked my local Leslies pool store out of a bad motor unit for free. Took it apart and used one gear to fix my unit.
The Polaris exploded parts view does not show the 17 tooth gear and its bushing. It only shows the gear kit for way too much money. The gears are part# R063900 two for about $10. The bushings are part #R0639100 at two for $9. I needed 3 packages of each. I also bought 4 wheel bushings #R0518500 and a set of side gears #R0518800.
Wheel are tight again. Unit works great.
Use dielectric grease on the big “O” ring and the power plug.

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great discussion. My issue on the 9650iQ seems to be the pcb and not the motors that got wet. Visual inspection of motors looks good. Head unit gives error:10 I’m able to source parts for a block motor A but not D … anyone know the difference?

If I get this fixed, I’ll definitely inspect that big o-ring and re-lube every season.


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