Robot Controller - Teensy Based

Hello Guys,

I wanted to build a controller that I could use on a robot that I'm building, so I started my xbee teensy controller. I got inspired by a thread here on LMR. I'm using almost every single pin available on teensy 3.1, with 20 digital channels and 7 analog channels. I think I'll not have problems to control my robot (I totally got inspirated by Q4 but with some modifications and improvements).

The frame is 3d printed. I added 2 screens. One is a classic tft to output data referent to the channels and any information sent by the robot. The other is a lcd screen that will be connected to a video receiver to display a video stream.

Another functionality is that booting the controller holding the red button takes the user to a menu where you can change few preferences, like analog sensibility, disable sounds, disable informations to be displayed on the screen and frequency of the data sent by the controller.I'll make a video of that feature because it is pretty neat.

The project is still a work in progress. I'll share the entire project on github and update this tread with it's link. Things that I still want to include: -- Update TFT library to the new with custom fonts to make a awesome menu. All project is opensource and the files can be found here:


Few pictures:

=========================== UPDATE 1 ====================================

  • Updated the github with stl models for the remote.
  • Added  GPL-3.0, so everyone know that it is a free, open source project.

=========================== UPDATE 2 ====================================

  • Added video streaming demo

I don't have a robot yet to demo video, but I added a small demo of it working on my bench

Another comment: If you are using my design to build your own controller I made some errors and got tierd of reprinting and sanding the controller so I "fixed" them manully. Under the controller there is a space for the video receiver, but I did not take into account the thickness of the power connector, So I had to remove on piece of the plastic.



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Great build

I have seen a few controller projects very similar in design, but none incorporating a second screen for video feedback. I would love to see a video of it in action :slight_smile:

Great build! 

**very nice. **

My one uses an arduino mega and xbee and a single 2.4 inch  screen. I will be working on V2.0 soon!

Yours was one of the others

Yours was one of the others I’ve seen.

I love them - I just wish I could build a robot that would require such a spiffing RC! :slight_smile:


Added a small demo of the video working, I’m still building my robot, so I tested on my bench streaming data to my computer with a xbee module on a usb ftdi chip.

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Very nice project, i’ve been

Very nice project, i’ve been looking to build a Q4 like transmitter for a while now. I’ll look into this project … :wink:

Here is what i had draw at the time (few years back i think)

BTW: Nice 3D printer sound in the background of your video..!

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why not :slight_smile:

We are all here to help! any questions i’ll be happy to answer to help you with an RC project

Really Cool

i want to build something loike this for a robot im building and i was wondering what electronic parts you used and do you need a pi in the robot and in the controller


what electronics did you need in the controller and the robot