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I was recently offered the chance to review Microbric’s Viper Robotics Development Kit. I always love to try out new robot kits and see what’s on the market, so I jumped at the chance. Prior to Microbric contacting me, I had heard some about the kits. You may have read a prior review of the kit from

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Mm, looks awesome, they’re on sale at a local store! 80% off! Im getting two so they can fight…

Adam…I hope you went on and tried to do your own programs. If not, and you want some help, get in touch via my contact at my website.

im really looking forward to buying this kit, looks really fun and hopefully expandable/customizeable i really want to see if tracks/tank treads are a possiblity in the program, that would be a good add on kit for them to make

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy the button module. It’s is discontinued on the website. I know I enquired a few years ago to the website and got no reply that I’m aware of. Had this kit sitting around for 10yrs and never assembled because of the missing button. Any substitute options would be great. Thanks

@Kerri Whiting We stopped selling those a long time ago and it may be very hard for anyone to get parts. To confirm, it’s the little red button as you see here? If so, you don’t really need a microbrick product and can hack something to have the same functionality. The button itself is generic and simply allows current to flow from one pin to the other. You can use a wire with alligator clips instead. You can try wrapping conductive wire from one terminal to the other. If you’re not sure, can you create a topic in the RobotShop Forum with some details (and perhaps the user guide showing how it’s supposed to be connected)? I’m sure we’ll be able to help.

Hello world ,
I happen to have a microbric viper kit , assembled
not sure if all the pieces are there but looks like they could be , all the plates or micro boards are still in one piece , tires ,remote bags of screws and cd disk
was going to put up on ebay if no takers . would like to see it go to someone that could use for parts if not complete . can send photo of contents if interested , I can be contacted via email and i do take pay-pal if interested give me a shout at [email protected] . please put in header ROBOT PARTS and i will get back to you shortly after .
thank you, Heath