Remote Control Snow Plow

I am new to this. I started a project to build an RC snow plow using a power wheelchair as a frame with motors. I have a Smartdrive Duo 30 motor controller driving the motors directly through a 4 channel Tx/Rx. I also have a 12vdc power window motor (used in cars) that I want to use for raising and lowering the plow itself. I want to be able to connect that motor to one of the free channels on the Tx/Rx. I am having trouble finding a motor controller that can connect directly to the Tx/Rx to control the power window dc motor. The speed control of this motor is not important. Can anyone help me out?

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Hi @Alexcp3o !

Nice project you have there!

Since you want to control your motors via serial communication, you didn’t mention which microcontroller are you using for that? Which microcontroller will be connected to Smartdrive Duo 30 motor controller, that will send serial data?

The motor controller is connected directly to the receiver.

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Ah ok, now I understand.

You have 4 channels of R/C signals left on your receiver, and you want to use one to control 12V DC window motor. Most of our controllers can do this. What is the amperage of your window motor?

I’m not sure. It’s not indicated on the motor, however google search says probably around 15amps.

I believe it’s 7.5 nominal and 22 max.

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Ok, good.

You could use this table:
so it can help you pick out your motor controller.

Thank you!

Another question… If the motor controller is rated at 10A and the motor has a higher max amp, would that simply mean that the motor wouldn’t get as much current as it can handle, and thus not output as much power as it could? If the task I need doesn’t require much power anyway, would the lower amp on the motor controller still work without damaging anything? Thanks again!

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It will fry the controller. So it’s better to use higher rated controller.
How much snow do you have at your area? For the normal wheels of the wheelchair it won’t work(spinning at the same spot).

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We get lots of snow here (Calgary, AB). I will be providing proper traction for the wheels, as I will also be using the plow for my rink. I am more so focused on raising and lowering the plow. It looks like you built one too! What did you use for your plow?

Another question - where did you get your tracks?

Hi from the neighbour SK :smiley:
This is my writeup:

Nice! I used the base/frame of the wheelchair, as it is already sturdy and designed for heavy loads. Mine, however, did not come with any actuators so this is the bigger challenge now in figuring out how to raise/lower the plow. I am using an ATV plow, connected to the foot rest of the wheel chair, so it’s mounted well with a hinge (the foot rest is designed to hold the weight of a human standing on it).

You can get the actuator from Princess Auto. I still keep the wheelchair base/frame, pretty heavy and it’s hard to mount the track on it. If you have any idea please share the photo/video, Thanks!

I find they are too slow. I’m going to use the power window motor with some bike gears to find the desired speed… Just gotta figure out how to control it! Here’s what I have so far.

It looks great!

People sell the blade too expensive here in SK, so I have to make my own using limbers :smiley:
How well the wiper motor handle it? This blade is too heavy for the motor?

You may refer to this design

This clip, I see the speed of actuator is good enough

Thanks, I’ll look into those videos. I haven’t tested the motor capabilities, but with the right gear ratio it should work. I’ll keep you posted later this summer!

Mein Name ist Gerd Mühlich

Ich habe das gleich Projekt gebaut,
allerdings lässt sich bei meiner Schaltung der Fahrregler Cytron Smart Drive nicht fernsteuern!
Deshalb hätte ich folgende Frage:
Gibt es bei den Schiebereglern etwas zu beachten?
Die Fernsteuerung funktioniert mit einem Servo alleine ohne Probleme!
Vielleicht kannst Du mir hier weiterhelfen!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Gerd Mühlich

My name is Gerd Mühlich

I just built the project
however, the Cytron Smart Drive controller cannot be remotely controlled with my circuit!
So I have the following question:
Is there anything to watch out for with the sliders?
The remote control works with just one servo without any problems!
Maybe you can help me here!
Kind regards