Reducing the servo travel to 20-30°


I would like to make a device like the one in this video to control the orientation of a laser by Arduino

My constraints are :

  • Servo travel should be only about 20 to 30 degrees, while maintaining as good precision as possible (therefore keeping as many steps as possible)
  • That the servo does not “jitter” in the stopped position (if it does, the laser point will jitter too)
  • If possible by having the feedback of the position of the servo in order to avoid any risk of bad orientation
  • And - if possible too - not too expensive servomotors.

So I have two questions:

Are there any servos with such 20-30 degree travel or that could be modified to do so?

Otherwise can we consider reducing the travel with gears and so what would be the most suitable servos?

Best regards.


Hello @Philkrom and welcome to the RobotShop community,

For precision control the best option would be using a stepper motor, you can find more information about which type of motor is best suited for certain tasks here:

If precision is not as important as “ease of use” you could use a servo, there are a lot of options when it comes to servos especially if the motor doesn’t need to apply much torque. In the video you shared they are using some cheap 9g servos similar to these:

But you can find more options in this section, just make sure you select one that isn’t a “continuous rotation” servo, and if you want to power the servo with the Arduino (which isn’t advisable) choose a 4.8V one, if not simply use an external battery to provide power. Regarding the range you can easily limit it using software, using gears is not necessary unless you need more torque.

I hope that helps