Real robot [Treaded] (cheap)

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Those 3 videos sum up a 2.4 minute test.
The clock is stored as serial displayed on the Serial.print().
Every movement and button is also displayed on Serial.print().

I apologize for the French. I’m from South Jersey and they speak German and English. :crazy_face:
Anyway… one arm was successful.
Stay tuned for the Arduino tests. It might be rolling up some stairs soon. It might not :shushing_face: :wink:


Gizmo(pronounced Jiz) went before the first preliminary this evening. The picture above + treads.
No video was recorded.

The results are as follows

Height - Insufficient
Power - Insufficient
Reach - NA
Weight - Within specs
Calibration - Failed
Distance - NA
Shock - Failed
Assessment - Passed

Due to multiple errors in testing, I have left Gizmo incapable of performing at minimal specification. That means two more days of testing and design.
The acrylic was not strong enough during July testing with the solar mod. That means when it is not in use, it risks damaging the lower haul.
In theory, a measurement has been reached in replacing the acrylic with the aluminum. (Digging deeper and deeper into parts to complete this.)

It’s definitely harder to get a bot like Giz up the stairs.

Two sides vs one+gripper

No major updates - replaced acrylic for aluminum.
I’ve been thinking about the arm.
There is no reason why the only objective should be the stairs. I didn’t design the Tracbot for that. I designed it for research. I don’t have the money to build a new arm motor. I would like to see a joint motor that compresses against a spring. I don’t think we’ll see anything like that soon. For now I’m thinking this

I won’t be completing the second arm for a while. I working on building AI modules.