Qbot: a friendly 3D printed biped robot


This is my first post here!
I’m starting a thread about my biped project, codename : Qbot.
i have been working on it for severals years now, and after a lot of thinking and trial and errors, i’m finaly getting close to something functional! :vulcan_salute: :robot::love_you_gesture:

But first, here are some specs:

The robot has been designed with fusion 360.

-Controller : teensy 4.0
-Brain: Lattepanda V1.0 4GB
-Actuators: Herkulex DRS - 0101 and DRS - 0102 --> 26 DOF
-Various sensors: Temp sensor/6DOF IMU/Light sensor/Capacitive Touch/120 fps Camera/Microwave Presence sensor/ Laser Range finder.
-Display: Double Amoled screens
-Stereo Amplified speakers

The robot is running on a C# unity program for graphics display and logic. Coming from a game dev background, i’m already really comfy working with unity and the engine is capable of a lot of thing.

Additional program : 3DSMax. I made a custom animation exporter for the robot.

The robot’s parts are printed on an anycubic Photon resin 3D printer. Parts are primmed/painted and a layer of varnish is added for durability.

For now, I have one printed leg totaly functional and most of the software programming is done:

-Voice recognition for various keywords
-text to speech
-Basic behavior tree AI
-Eyes and UI animations
-Clock and alarm function
-Room Temperature
-Face Tracking with Open CV
-Connected Light control

Videos of the legs and eyes in motion on my twitter account :

I still have a lot of parts to print, this will takes time.
More to come…



Hey @guybrusht ! It looks cool and professional :slight_smile:

May I ask, why it has only one arm on 3D renderings? :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to see it working completely and then seeing it in our Robots section!

Hello @igor_X!

Thanks, the arms are still work in progress, and since my working scene is starting to be heavy, i’m focusing on one arm for now. (it will be se same model mirrored in the end)

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Hi @guybrusht and welcome to the community!

That is a good looking robot :robot:

You should definitely share it in the Robots section to participate in the Robot of the Month Contest.

Keep the good work!

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Se ve fantastico! Por favor comparte codigo y modelo 3D por si alguien se anima a contruir algo igual. Tamien estaria fantastico publicarlo en instructables con un paso a paso.


Very nice work you have done there.
With the use of the LattePanda you will need to add a cooling fan have you accounted for this.
I am woking on a robot that uses a LattePanda and what you will find is just under normal use not running anything but the Operating System that after about a hour the processor will get too hot and the system will shut down.
Hope to see more from you on this project.



@geraldinebc15 Thanks i will !
@alfonsocal if my project is successful i’ll try to open source it. Thanks!
@jeffro yes that’s exactly what i did. During the first run of my program, the cpu went super hot! hopefully i had a tiny fan laying around. It is directly plugged to the lattepanda 5v output.

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Some news about the project:

Brain Brain02

i did some good progress these past weeks! head and legs are finished and the robot is walking! (well, half of the robot for now :slight_smile: )
a couple of videos of the robot in motion on m twitter: