Ping Pong Robot: Another master table tennis player

During Covi-19 pandemic, staying home for a long time isn't fun at all, we cannot meet people for playing social sports like soccer, table tennis, or any sports required more than two people!

I decided to make a master table tennis robot, to challenge myself, also practicing mechatronics - electronics - programming during long "vacation".

Almost parts of the robots I got from the past, which are sitting in the storage! This robot has below features:

  1. Variable direction, swing left/right direction
  2. Backspin/Topspin generation
  3. Variable speeds


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Great job :slight_smile:

I like that you used what you could find in your house for this project, like that plastic bowl from spaghetti :smiley:

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So how does it work? I mean does it any similar to table tennis robots that are sold on the internet (like these). To be honest, before the pandemic I even didn’t know that there are robots that imitate ping pong. I knew about big tennis and baseball robots, but table tennis seemed a little childish for it.